Local Candle Company Donates Over $100,000 to Help End Human Trafficking Thousands of candle purchases lead to large donation milestone in the anti-human trafficking field
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Arlington, TX – April 5th, 2021: Calyan Wax Co., a give-back candle brand with a mission to give everyone a simple way to say “no more” to human trafficking in America, has raised over $115,000 through candle sales.

Founded in 2017, the company is focused on raising awareness and financial resources for nonprofits doing tangible, gritty work in the anti-human trafficking field.

“I became passionate about the issue of human trafficking and social injustice in general during my college years,” says Jacob Johnson, founder of Calyan Wax Co. “Fueled by this passion, I decided the most strategic and impactful route was to start a business instead of starting another nonprofit in this space. I did not want to compete for donations alongside incredible organizations already doing great work. Rather, I wanted to come alongside trusted nonprofits with the financial backing they need.”

This financial backing comes from candle sales. Calyan Wax Co. manufactures and sells high quality scented soy candles while donating 5% of all revenue to their trusted nonprofit partner, Traffick911 based in Addison, TX.

“Over 100 child sex trafficking survivors have been served one on one with 24/7 crisis response and relationally-based advocacy and mentoring at Traffick911 because of the direct donations of Calyan Wax Co., and we could not be more grateful,” says Lindsey Speed, Executive Director of Traffick911. “Not only is Calyan Wax Co. catapulting our direct services forward with these funds, allowing us to serve more survivors than ever before, they’re doing so with the utmost passion and transparency, which aligns us together in our values.”

“It is incredible to see thousands of Americans choosing to make a social impact with a simple candle purchase,” Johnson says. “The dollars add up—and they lead to young lives coming out of the dark, abusive world of trafficking and into a world full of hope, restoration, and relational reconciliation. How cool is that?”

As of April 2021, Calyan has donated over $115,000 to Traffick911 in support of their Voice and Choice Advocate Program. 

“Serving over 1,800 child sex trafficking survivors in the past twelve years is the highest honor while often simultaneously bringing the deepest sorrow,” Speed says of Traffick911’s mission to free youth from sex trafficking. “In 2020, one of the girls we served closely, called ‘KC,’ was tragically killed, and it shook our team to the core. We feel honored to have known and served her, and we are more resolved than ever to keep fighting for those nobody is fighting for.”

To remember the legacy of KC and all human trafficking survivors, Calyan and Traffick911 have partnered to launch a limited edition “Legacy Candle,” a collaborative project to raise awareness and give people a simple way to join the mission of freedom. For every Legacy Candle purchased, Calyan is donating $10 to Traffick911. 

“We encourage people who want to do something about human trafficking but may feel overwhelmed or confused on what to do about it, to start with a simple candle purchase. That alone has great power,” Johnson says “Take a step to support nonprofits that already exist in your area and find a way to help them in their mission.”

You can read KC’s story and purchase the “Legacy Candle” by clicking here or at their store front in Arlington, TX.

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