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Date Established 08/2006
Founder Amy Baxter, M.D.
Headquarters Atlanta, GA
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Jennifer Tipping



Help vaccine fear be a memory - with Power Over Pain! Invented by a mom physician, Buzzy is a powerful palm-sized pal with the right frequency of vibration to cancel nearby pain. Buzzy has been used in +5000 hospitals and clinics to relieve sharp pain during procedures. Buzzy also helps manage needle fear. It has been used in comfort vaccination centers to help ease the process for children and adults during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Founding Story

Pain Care Labs (a dba of MMJ Labs) was established in 2006 by pediatric emergency physician and pain researcher Amy Baxter. Distressed by other doctors’ indifference to needle pain, Dr. Baxter decided to help moms get their children vaccinated pain-free. Her prototype was so effective, she decided to “take a year or two” to study and develop the technology formally. Her NIH funding led to the discovery of widespread needle fear, the critical components of pain, and an entire new platform for natural effective pain relief.

Team Bios

Dr. Baxter directs innovation, invention, operations, and strategy for Pain Care Labs. After graduating from Yale University and Emory Medical School, as a double-boarded pediatric emergency physician, Dr. Baxter founded PEMA Emergency Research while also founding Pain Care Labs (initially called MMJ Labs). Her contributions to science include creating and validating a pediatric pictorial nausea scale for nausea research, creating a liver enzyme algorithm to time abusive abdominal injury, creating the M-Stim platform for external pain relief, and extensive NIH scientific review group work. Accomplishments include pain and sedation textbook chapters, publications, national and international invited lectures, and testimony before HHS on the impact of needle fear on vaccination adherence; innovation impact comes from multiple NIH SBIR Fast-Tracks and patents developing Buzzy, VibraCool, and Duotherm pain relief and opioid-sparing devices.






When I was taking shots every day, this was a lifesaver. I’ve heard it’s great for kids, too. It’s painful taking multiple shots a day, especially if you’ve been doing it for years and develop scar tissue around the injection sites, which is almost worse than the shot. The cold numbs the pain, and the vibration tricks your nervous system into not feeling as much pain. It’s similar to a numbing cream, which some people like and think works great, but I just always preferred the ice pack. And it’s cute. My best friend told me they use this when you get Botox, too.

Este Haim


I recommended Buzzy to one of my 12 year old patients a few weeks ago, since she was going from Humira every 2 weeks to weekly Humira. She noticed a significant decrease in the pain. She wrote me letting me know how much easier the shot was. I was very happy to hear this, as I just got diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis myself & had to start Humira 2 weeks ago. I never felt anything with the first shot & only a little something today. Great product – very happy to endorse it & I got the Lady Buzzy – thought she was cute! I have worked in pediatric rheumatology for the past 13 years, and I have to say that this is one of the best products that I can recommend to them; very glad you invented it.

Doreen Tabussi, BSN, RN, CPN

Nurse Coordinator, Bader Institute Pediatric Rheumatology, Immunology & ID

Dose one of my Pfizer vaccine down. Shout out to Dr. @bobbymukkamala for putting up with my dramatics and to @buzzyhelps for helping to ease the pain, one step closer to getting my life back. #IGotTheShot

Mari Copeny aka Little Miss Flint

Activist, Public Figure


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