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Date Established 01/2019
Founder Eddie Zelenak, Daniel Schindler, Cole Puchi
Headquarters San Diego, CA
Beverage, Fitness, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Claire Erwin


Daily Wellness Bundle
Daily Wellness Bundle $42.00
Immunity Drops
Immunity Drops $15.00
Hydration Drops
Hydration Drops $12.00


Buoy is giving the hydration industry a much-needed makeover. They're replacing the sugar, artificial ingredients, sweeteners and calories with clean, functional ingredients They are publishing white papers for every new product. They are sustainably focused and are supporting the people that need their essential nutrition the most

Buoy is proud to support the chronic illness community by ensuring they use the use the best ingredients that have good for you benefits. Medical doctors still recommend Crystal Light before intense sugars from sports drinks for people living with POTS. From our newly formed Board of Medical Professionals to our deeply discounted Chronic Illness Support Program to offset healthcare costs and our Buy One, Give One initiative where they donate one bottle to a person with a chronic illness for every one sold on our site, we're putting this community first.

Buoy focuses on making a product that is both sustainable and convenient. 100% Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials 50 times less materials per serving than competitors Lightweight for smaller carbon footprints Ships Carbon Neutral in planet-friendly boxes and 100% kraft biodegradable mailers

They are strong believers in The Anti-Yellow Pee Club. Three out of four Americans are chronically dehydrated, according to medical doctors and journals. It's well studied: consistent, daily hydration is the only long-term solution to chronic dehydration’s negative effects on your brain and body. They made Buoy to seamlessly add essential electrolytes, ionic trace minerals and nutrition into your lifestyle via the drinks you're already drinking. Joining their club is the best way to make hydration your habit and save.

Founding Story

After being disappointed by the wellness industry Buoy set out to ensure a better for you hydration product that can be added to essentially any beverage. It was important to them to create a product free of sugar, empty calories, artificial ingredients, dextrose, and stevia.

The hydration space has been the same since 2005 with bold packaging and false promises of "peak performance". But that's not what hydration is. It's human. It's for everyone, at every size, at every age. It's not just for athletes or people who lead active lifestyles. It's not about muscling in as many electrolytes in one serving as possible. And it's not necessary to sound so intense. The market was missing what it needed most: clean, effective hydration that meets people where they're already at. In our case, it's the drinks they're already drinking.

So, they spent two years working with a leading pharmaceutical expert to make a clean and effective hydration formula that can be added in every beverage.

Where modern agricultural practices have depleted our soil of essential trace minerals, we replenish with the world's most nutritionally dense source. Where traditional sports drinks offset bitter electrolytes with sugar and sweeteners, we balance with essential nutrition like antioxidants and fruits for a neutral flavor profile. And where you lose hydration in unsuspecting ways—like your diuretic caffeinated and alcoholic drinks, we're just a squeeze away to put them back in.

Buoy is the revolutiuonary, people and planet-first future of hydration and wellness, in just a few drops.

Team Bios

Eddie Zelenak

Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

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After graduating from the University of Michigan, Eddie spent 4 years working as a Marketing Specialist at Cisco Systems with Cisco's largest brand partners. On the side, he started two profitable white label e-commerce companies selling $350,000+ in revenue over two years. Buoy is the intersection of his brand strategy and e-commerce experience where he's helping brand, market and educate the new way to hydrate

Cole Puchi

Founder & Chief Revenue Officer

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Cole is a collegiate athlete and Deloitte Consulting alum turned entrepreneur with a passion for health & wellness. He officially hung up his goggles after graduating from Boston University in 2015. He then spent four years working as a Consultant at Deloitte helping executives of Fortune 500 companies solve their most complex fintech problems. Both his problem-solving ability and drive for excellence enable Buoy’s growth by helping the company swiftly navigate through complex environments.

Daniel Schindler

Founder & CEO

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Daniel graduated from the University of Michigan and took a job in the corporate world that he quickly realized was not for him. One day he was drinking a beer, thinking about what to do next with his career, and he wondered if that beer could be more hydrating. From there, the initial question was born: what if electrolytes could be added into any type of drink to make it more hydrating? He went back to school to get his MBA from Washington University's Olin Business School with the mission of creating this product. While in his first semester, he met Dr. Lianli Li, who helped figure out how to make an effective form of electrolytes that would also be essentially flavorless. Buoy was launched on Amazon in 2019 and right after graduation, Daniel began working on the startup full time. Sales organically picked up shortly after and Eddie and Cole (also co-founders) quit their jobs at Cisco and Deloitte to also be full time. Over the next few years, through feedback from initial customers, the brand and product line was the primary focus. In 2020, CVS approached the Buoy team to offer an in store innovation opportunity. Since then, the company has continued to grow organically without much marketing. Now the company is ready to really get out there and scale.

Lianli Li, Ph.D. Founder and President of Gateway Pharmaceutical LLC. 22 years of pharmaceutical industrial experience, technical to managerial roles at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Barr Labs, KV Pharmaceutical, and Covidien. Developed multiple products successfully launched on the US market. Patents and applications (US and international) on 7 unique formulations.




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