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Date Established 12/2014
Founder Lucas Plant, Daniel Osborne, and Katie Burnett
Headquarters Portland, OR
Beverage, Hospitality, Home
Press Contact Matan Steinfeld


Neat Pour Glasses Set
Neat Pour Glasses Set $110.00
Artisan Series Mixing Glass
Artisan Series Mixing Glass $110.00
Shaken Cocktail Set
Shaken Cocktail Set $60.00
Double Rocks Glasses
Double Rocks Glasses $90.00


Bull in China makes barware rooted in timeless craftsmanship purpose-built for effortless use. What began as a quest to build a superior mixing glass expanded into a range of premium barware products crafted through the experience of Portland bar industry professionals. Bull in China couldn’t find the proper barware to elevate the hospitality experience behind their own bars, so they set out to find the makers who could build something that would make both the career bartender and home cocktail enthusiast comfortable and confident.

Founding Story

Bull in China started out of a sheer appreciation for fine hospitality and the barware that makes it all possible. Coming from some of the top venues in Pacific Northwest hospitality, Portland bar professionals Lucas Plant, Daniel Osborne, and Katie Burnett set out on a mission to redefine the quintessential cocktail mixing glass. They were looking for something that could stand up to the nightly rigors of a 200-drink shift, but also look the part once service was over.

After hundreds of hours of research, development, and testing, the Bull in China Signature Mixing Glass was born. The glass redefined bartending in top restaurants and bars across the country, offering a beautiful, tough-as-nails mixing glass that went wherever the bartender needed it to. Building off of that initial success, the trio listened and tested more, expanding their range to include ice mallets, Lewis bags, jiggers, strainers, bar spoons, and more, all driven by the needs of the discerning bartender. In 2020, spirits and wine industry veteran Matan Steinfeld took the reins of Bull in China, bringing 15 years of hospitality experience and a desire to work with only the finest artisans and craftspeople both domestically and abroad.

Today, the Bull in China name is synonymous with quality, performance and an elevated appreciation for professional bartending. Each piece of barware is the result of long conversations with bar professionals far and wide, resulting in bar tools that are battle-tested and crafted to entertain for generations.




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