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Date Established 08/2002
Founder Dave Samuel, Steve Scheer
Headquarters San Francisco, CA
Home, Tech, Beauty, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Geoff Dunlop


Pro Sanitizing Air Purifier
Pro Sanitizing Air Purifier $649.99
Swash 1400 Electronic Bidet Seat
Swash 1400 Electronic Bidet Seat $649.99
VivaSpring Vitamin-C Shower Filters
VivaSpring Vitamin-C Shower Filters $24.99
GoSpa $14.99
LumaWarm $139.99
SimpleSpa Thinline
SimpleSpa Thinline $49.99
Cypress $139.99


From the renowned Swash electronic bidet suite to the H2O+ line of water filtration systems and O2+ air purification, people are taking notice of Brondell's products and acknowledging their role in bringing technology and science together to deliver modern health and hygiene products to the home and office.

Privately held and backed by internet pioneers Mark Cuban and Dave Samuel, Brondell is a well-established manufacturing company that is growing fast. Their products are carried by many leading retailers, including Amazon, Costco, Home Depot and Lowes, with their products having won numerous awards over the years. An industry leader in the niche of electronic bidet toilet seats and bidet attachments, they are continuing expansion into new home product categories such as water filtration, air purification, shower filtration and new and exciting product categories for the home. 

Founding Story

18 years ago, Founder Dave Samuel was traveling in Japan with his father. He realized that most homes and businesses had bidets installed in their restrooms, and wanted to bring the technology to the United States.  

A few years later, the Swash electronic bidet seat was born. Seats ranging from non-electric to top-tier luxury, Brondell's bidet seats sit right on top of your toilet, replacing the seat. After finding initial success, Brondell added bidet attachments, hand-held bidets and travel bidets. Today, they are the largest manufacturer of bidets in North America!

Brondell then pivoted to water filtration with the H20+ line of award-winning products including countertop, under-counter and Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems. From there, air purification products with the 02+ line were launched. With award-winning air purifiers for every need, they now feature the Brondell Pro – proven to eliminate COVID-19 within 15 minutes.

As a company dedicated to healthy homes and healthy families, they are committed to the community through a variety of programs and partnerships. 


Steve Scheer


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Steve brings more than 25 years of business, financial and operations management experience in both corporate and entrepreneurial environments to Brondell. His background includes early to mid-stage management in companies such as and EcoTimber, along with corporate experience at institutions such as Brown Brothers Harriman and Company. Steve has a proven track record of success with a focus on operational development of company infrastructure, development of domestic and international distribution & sales channels, and strategic planning across a variety of products and industries. Steve earned his bachelor's degree in Finance from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.

Dave Samuel


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By the time Dave Samuel was nine years old, he was waking up at 4 AM to deliver the Waterville Morning Sentinel by 6:15 AM. Dave then launched Thriller Designs while in the fifth grade and Sounds Unlimited, a mobile DJ service, in the sixth grade. Dave has been a hustling entrepreneur at heart ever since. After graduating from MIT undergrad and working at Oracle for one year, Dave co-founded Spinner in 1995 (acquired by AOL for $320 million) and Grouper/Crackle in 2004 (acquired by Sony for $65 million). He discovered the beauty of the bidet business and founded Brondell, a developer of innovative, healthy home products that’s #1 in the #2 business. Dave also chairs Toi Labs, which aims to harness data for health analysis before it’s flushed away. When he is OOO, Dave enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding and wakeboarding. Being a dad is cool too.


Best Buy


Impact Radius


I stumbled upon the Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Seat after trying to find a product that was easy to use and customized for North American usage. After using bidets at various spas and hotels in Asia, I didn't realized Brondell offered such a convenient product! The Swash 1400 solves every customer problem. It has cold/warm/hot water temperatures and heated seat settings, and it has customizable spray and pulsating features. It has an automatic air dryer and deodorizer fan. The remote is extra convenient if you want an accessible touch pad or the toilet also has it's own buttons. It's built for 2 users and can clean the front or back areas! This product is truly like a mini spa like experience every time you go to the washroom! I have recommended this product to so many family and friends and with many families working from home or self-isolating this year, this product helps reduce the toilet paper impact and cut down on toilet clogs. Great for houses, apartments, or even at the cottage! Best household product to boost the simple pleasures in life!


I work with a lot of high-risk clients and during COVID-19 we’ve had to substantially scale back our essential business so that we could continue to operate safely. I’ve worked in healthcare & sports for much of my career and after reviewing the testing data and authenticating the claims by the certifying agencies, I felt comfortable using the Brondell Pro in our facility. The clients feel more comfortable knowing we’ve added another layer of protection to their visits and I feel good knowing we’ve taken the extra step.

Michael J. Chaplin

Sweet Mimi’s Café is a small café with only 35 seats. So when we were mandated to go to 50% capacity, I had to take some measures to keep my doors open, and most importantly make my team and customers feel safe and comfortable being here. So we created safe pods for two to four guests and invested in the Brondell Pro air purification system so our customers know we’re doing everything we can to keep them safe and comfortable. Without taking these measures and doing all we can to make our employees and customers safer, we couldn’t stay in business.



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