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Date Established 12/2016
Founder Vivian Jasper
Headquarters Cerritos, California
Press Contact Alex Luckey



BRIZO Everything Dressing’s remarkably adaptable dressings originate from the Jasper family’s 30-year-old homemade recipe. Vivian’s time-honored yet simple blend of extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, kosher salt, and various herbs and spices enliven any meal and can be used as a pasta sauce, salad dressing, marinade, dipping sauce, and much more.   BRIZO dressings are flavorful, highly affordable, and incredibly versatile. Available  in mild and spicy versions to entice both epicureans and regular consumers. Both are vegan, keto-friendly, paleo-friendly, free from additives, and contain strictly organic ingredients. Moreover, each product is stored in 100% recyclable and shelf-stable glass bottles, meaning no refrigeration is required.

Founding Story

Vivian initially introduced her dressing as a simple, nutritious, and delicious sauce  for family meals. It quickly evolved into her signature sauce and her family began testing the sauce on other dishes, including pizza, a variety of veggies, and even sandwiches. Its simplicity and healthy ingredients became an obvious staple in her family’s diet.   After years of encouragement, Vivian was finally convinced to get her bottles on the shelf at every supermarket to create a similar household staple for other families to enjoy. Following extensive market research, Vivian also realized that there was a very limited selection of “fresh” dressings that both tasted good and lacked additives. In November 2017, BRIZO was officially born.   Vivian ultimately wants customers to pick up her products, easily interpret the nutritional values, and feel good about the ingredients they consume. She and Hayley seek to share their straightforward and wholesome values by revolutionizing an outdated industry, insisting on reasonable pricing, and staying loyal to their roots. The two hope that BRIZO becomes a household condiment stored in every family’s pantry, too.


Vivian Jasper

Co Founder & CEO

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Founder Vivian Jasper has been blending BRIZO for more than 30 years for her friends and family. She currently manages all accounting and financial aspects of the company and has been 100% funding the venture using her own personal income for two years.  Prior to founding BRIZO, Vivian worked at and managed various law firms. She became well-acquainted with accounting documentation, learned proper HR practices, coordinated complex business operations, and has worked alongside attorneys on all backend financials.




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