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Date Established 02/2023
Founder Tanya Smith
Headquarters None
E-commerce & Retail
Press Contact Tanya Smith


Brikki House is a company that specializes in providing an exclusive line of jacket length luxury robes, the pinnacle of comfort and luxury. "The Robette", as it is named, was designed from our commitment to redefining your at-home experience. As you slip into its plush embrace, you'll find yourself indulging in comfort and style.

At Brikki House, we meticulously craft each Robette to be a harmonious blend of warmth and elegance. Whether you're enjoying post-shower serenity or savoring a quiet evening at home, the Robette is designed with your comfort in mind. The Robette is more than just a garment; it's an experience, created from our dedication to your well being.

Founding Story

A few years ago, amidst the muffled whispers of an emerging pandemic, the founder of Brikki House embarked on a quest born of personal necessity. As Zoom screens became windows into the lives of countless women seeking solace within their homes, the founder observed a recurring sight---a yearning for warmth, a craving for comfort. Driven by this insight, we sought to craft a solution that would infuse warmth into everyday life. Thus, from a spark of inspiration emerged Brikki House. It was designed not merely to ward off the chill, but to wrap wearers in a cloak of coziness and sophistication.


Gray Robette
Gray Robette $99.00
White Robette
White Robette $99.00
Pink Robette
Pink Robette $99.00
Women's Christmas Robette
Women's Christmas Robette $129.00
Men's Christmas Robette
Men's Christmas Robette $129.00
Ultra Plush Robette (3 Colors)
Ultra Plush Robette (3 Colors) $119.00


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