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Date Established 01/2023
Founder Kemdi Anosike
Headquarters New York, NY
Press Contact Kemdi Anosike


There’s been a size revolution in the apparel industry, but men have been somewhat left out of the conversation. So, BRIC decided to change that. BRIC offers elevated essentials fitted to individual body types that also express individual style. They're more than “big and tall”, they're better and tailored. BRIC is changing the industry to help men feel confident in what they wear. Less, “these sleeves are too short” or “my torso is too long for this,” and more fits that actually fit.

BRIC's mission is to understand, serve, and inspire men who have been neglected for so long by pre-existing fashion retailers. Sweaters are one of the hardest clothing items for men to find the right fit in, so BRIC is launching with nine unique sizes across men’s different body types.

Founding Story

Kemdi Anosike did not think he was going to end up launching an apparel company. For the longest time, he saw clothing as only a necessity, rather an identity — something for which one can attach to or be excluded from. As a 6’7” tall man he saw the world differently (literally, I have a different view from up here). All his life, he has struggled to find elevated essentials that are fashionable, premium and accessible.

This frustration led him to hate the act of shopping, however he loves fashion and being stylish. Most brands, in their well-meaning attempt to be inclusive of sizing, end up focusing on one body type— “BIG AND TALL.” and he felt That eliminated a good number of consumers like himself and created a world of limitation when it came to body acceptance.

After almost ten years in residential real estate, and no fashion or retail experience, Kemdi’s brain could not stop spinning. His thought focused on providing a solution. What about guys who are just tall but not big? What about the big guys who are not stereotypically tall? What about guys who put style first? That thought led him to thinking about whether it would do more social good to take out the labels and just focus on being size and style inclusive overall.

This led him to launch BRIC— to help men like himself feel confident in their shopping experience. To introduce unique new sizes to the market that actually represents all of all of the “forgotten."


Cashtouch Half Zip
Cashtouch Half Zip $175.00
Cashtouch Full Zip
Cashtouch Full Zip $195.00


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