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Date Established 07/2019
Founder Brooke and Andres Sanchez
Headquarters Escondido, Ca
Parenting, Sustainability
Press Contact Brooke Sanchez


BraveJusticeKidsCo. is a safe, eco-friendly, modern children’s products company. Founded in 2019, BJKC is ran by wife and husband team and co-founders ; Brooke and Dre’as Sanchez. They take great pride in specializing in 100% renewable energy production and innovative technology. BraveJusticeKidsCo. is also setting the standard for transparency and safety in the industry by creating Safely Made Kids™- a tracking and verification system for children’s products.

We named our company after our two sons Zion Justice and Xavier Brave in 2019. Our daughter Solana-Rae wasn't born yet but she is the cute girl in most of our product photos. BraveJusticeKidsCo.

Founding Story

After living paycheck to paycheck , we decided this was not the lifestyle we wanted to raise a family in. So, we knew we had to make some big changes in order to provide the life we wanted for not only ourselves but our kids as well. Since I had always worked in jobs involving kids, it gave me a lot of time to use different types of baby products. I came up with the idea of a mommy and me training spoon; I knew this idea would help little ones learn the function of getting the spoon to their mouth, as well as practice their motor skills, with the help of their parent guiding the spoon. While in the process of getting it patented and produced, we came up with our first product, our silicone collapsible snack cup. We were the first people to make a snack cup silicone, they had all been plastic prior to us--plus we made it collapsible. It was an instant hit and this was the beginning of our online business, BraveJusticeKidsCo. Three years later, we have 20+ products as well as multiple patents and have since made the industry safer with our push for transparency of safe manufacturing. We also set the standard for "eco-friendly" by using wind and solar energy to produce our products.

For our SiliSteel™ technology idea story - Our oldest son Zion Justice was filling up some cereal in a silicone bowl we had purchased off Amazon. We had bought these bowl off Amazon to do R&D. My son filled the cereal and poured the milk. When he grabbed the bowl off the counter and began to move towards his seat I noticed the milk pressing and moving the edge of the silicone bowl. Silicone is not very sturdy because of its molecular structure. As he walked and I saw the milk pushing the side ready to spill, I thought to myself, “why doesn’t someone just put something inside the silicone in order to give the bowl more sturdiness.”

I immediately reached for my phone and begin to search on the Internet for anyone that had done something like this. After not finding anything I went to work. Eventually I had an idea and we contacted our IP lawyer. We made the prototypes inspired by the idea. Trial and error led to innovating the prototypes and long story short—-our SiliSteel™ technology was born.

We created our Safely Made Kids safety tracking system after realizing how easy it was for shops to hop on the internet and sell products that have not been tested safe. Customs, nor shopify, nor instagram will ask you for test results prooving the products are safey.




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I bought this for my 15 month old after trying a couple different ones i’ve found when out shopping. and i love it! it’s easy to clean and store. but most importantly, it’s so easy for my daughter to use on her own! other ones i have tried are too stiff for her little hands to reach in and be able to pull out the snacks on her own. but the soft silicone of this snack cup is perfect! and the beautiful color is just a bonus:) will definitely buy more soon!

Lizzy Fisher

Easy to clean and easy for little hands!

We love this snack cup! It’s soft and easy for my toddler to stick her hands in and get snacks out. It’s collapsible so I can put it in her diaper bag and just pop it open and put snacks in it when we’re ready for them. A must have!

Meg C.

The best little snack cup there ever was!

I love how it will close up and and fit in my purse flat, and very steady and will stay open and not collapse when I pull it out full. It can’t be pushed down by my grandson either. Plus, it has a lid cover.. Definitely a Keeper, and would recommend someone getting it. I’ve had others, this is definitely the best!!!


Love this Snack Attack

Perfect snack cup for my one year old. He Carries it around without a mess. Love that it’s collapsible for storage too. And a much better price point than others.


Love this little cup!

LOVE this cup so we ordered a 2nd! One in the diaper bag and one at home. Worked great for our 3 week road trip for snacks in the car! Easy to grab snacks out of but they don’t fall out when drops it or grabs for one

E Chambers

Love this snack cup we ordered a 2nd!

These silicone cups are so easy to teach my 6mo how to drink out of a cup! The smaller size allows for the perfect amount of water and will better fit her hands as she starts to learn how to grab it herself. Planning on purchasing another set to have at grandparent’s houses when we go to visit!


Excellent purchase

I like the sturdy/weighted cups for learning to drink from a cup. These are perfect for that and the addition of handles on some of the cups are great for little hands and a good transition tool. The fact that they can be thrown in the dishwasher makes them an overall win for me.

Britt WT

Great cups

I’m really pleased. My LO is 8months and I’ve been trying to get her to drink water out of a cup since she was 6months. She took to these so easily, some spills here and there but as she practices, she gets better drinking from the cups. The one with the handle helps her be a little independent as she can hold it by herself. I’m really pleased!

Lexi D

Best cup ever! I’ve tried loads

This sandcastle set is precious! The color is a soft rose & the material is soft. The best part is no cracks in the sand bucket like regular plastic sand buckets usually end up with. It was easy to carry and knock sand off of in the bag it comes with. It looks very cute in pictures

Darryl E

Super cute and easy to carry

I love this silicone Beach set! It’s genius! It’s very durable I can tell that’s gonna last many years. I love shop from small brands that are looking for the future and thinking of ways to pollute less!

Renata Lock

Less plastic

Just received the silicone Bucket and Sand Toy set. The quality is impressive! Smooth edges and soft, but sturdy toys; perfect for the beach or sandbox! I was pleased that the trowel was sturdy and just right for filling buckets and building sand castles! I’ve already recommended it to a friend for her grandkids! Great product!


Perfect for the kiddos

We wanted a nice set of silicone bowls that weren’t floppy and also didn’t suction to our table. These are awesome. Love that they are no toxic, dishwasher and microwave safe.

Clint Jarvis

High quality silicone bowl

This product is amazing! I first got started with Bravejusticekidsco when I purchased their Silicone Assist Bowl for my 2 year old niece to help her be a "BIG GIRL" and eat her food by herself. Works wonders by the way!!! So when I saw that they recently came out with this product & it seemed adultish, I'd have a try. I faithfully try to eat Oatmeal before work and most times I slam it on the road hopefully before my car can devour a spill. Not this time! This bowl is so sturdy that it stays in place. I also thought that since there's steel in the silicone that my fingers might be burned or something getting this out of the micro... Not even close. Feels just as cool as when I first put it in. Now I know what I'm getting some of my friends for Xmas

Joshua D


These are great in the bath, high chair, on the go, and simply in the playpen. They are very cute, easy to clean, soft and flexible, and I can tell will last my son a long time! Would recommended over plastic cups.


Great alternative to plastic

These feel very durable and the muted colors are beautiful. I was astonished how low the price was for how high-quality these are!

Kelsey Crow

Great quality and beautiful colors

The material is a smooth, quality silicone that feels reassuringly smooth and well-formulated. These have run thru my sanitizer countless times without any evidence of wear or damage. They are solid and consistent at each doll layer to where you don’t question the origin or authenticity. I will absolutely include in my next gift combo for a toddler & highly recommend


Perfect my daughter loves them

I ordered these after purchasing this companies bowls (that I love!!!). These cups are amazing… I really can’t say that enough. They are the perfect size for kids hands. The dots on the side serve as a non-slip feature and look cool while doing it. The material is so durable and nothing like I’ve seen before. I’ll definitely be ordering more as they are the cup they all want to use and they are so easy to take care of while being “climate pledge friendly.” LOVE them!!


Best cup ever


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