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Date Established 02/2022
Founder Meg Pryde
Headquarters Richmond
Press Contact Meg Pryde


Brandefy, was created to redefine the beauty industry. We are committed to creating transparency through our platform and products. Our mobile app focuses on helping shoppers find affordable alternatives to luxury beauty products. When those affordable alternatives don’t exist, we make them. Brandefy partners with world class chemists and the best manufacturers to bring these fiercely-formulated products directly to our community

Our products are clinically formulated, dermatologist recommended, skincare lover approved, and most importantly, decided by you. Brandefy takes your requests, opinions, and feedback to develop products that you actually want. They believe that together, we can co-create products for results you can see and feel.

Founding Story

It Started With An App

Well, it really started with the discovery that the same product could be put into different packages and sold for triple the price, just by putting a certain brand name on it. Isn't that crazy? Brandefy has been on a mission ever since to help their community of beauty lovers find high quality, efficacious products that won't break the bank.

The Brandefy App is full of real, comparative reviews of cult favorite beauty products, from their community. With the realization of hefty markups in beauty, and the lack of affordable alternatives to many popular prestige products, they decided to work to change the standard, bring transparency to their community, and defy the expected. Brandefy partners with world class chemists and the best manufacturers (that make the prestige brands you know and love) to bring these fiercely formulated products directly to you - without the traditional hefty markup.


Clinical Vit C + E + Ferulic Defend Serum
Clinical Vit C + E + Ferulic Defend Serum $49.00
Superfood Cleanser
Superfood Cleanser $22.00
No Needles Renew Serum
No Needles Renew Serum $34.00
Silks Triple Lipid Cream
Silks Triple Lipid Cream $59.00
Retinol Age-Defying Eye Serum
Retinol Age-Defying Eye Serum $39.00
UV Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Tinted Sunscreen
UV Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Tinted Sunscreen $25.00
Water Cream
Water Cream $29.00
Brandefy App
Brandefy App $1.00

Team Bios

Meg Pryde is the Founder and CEO of Brandefy, making luxury skincare accessible through its mobile platform and products. Pryde launched the app while at the Darden School of Business. The platform is nearing half a million downloads. Pryde comes from the Consumer Packaged Goods space where she learned about contract manufacturing. Brandefy is headquartered in Richmond, VA, where Meg lives with her husband and Labrador.


Beauty News NYC - Jan 19, 2024 Our Recommended Winter Sunscreen "The article 'Our Recommended Winter Sunscreen' by Rachelle Nones on Beauty News NYC emphasizes the importance of sunscreen even during winter. The author particularly recommends Brandefy’s UV Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Tinted Sunscreen, praising its natural-looking coverage, easy application, and reasonable price. The article emphasizes the importance of sunscreen in protecting against skin cancer and aging caused by sun exposure."
Sweety High - Jul 16, 2023 The Best Skincare Products for Lazy Girls "The article discusses skincare products for lazy girls. It mentions the following brands and products: 1. Daybird's Tinted Skincare With SPF 50: This product is a four-in-one multitasker that acts as a serum, moisturizer, sheer foundation, and mineral sunscreen. It is vegan and highly effective. 2. Brandefy's Superfood Cleanser: This cleanser is packed with powerful and naturally derived ingredients like kale, spinach, and green tea. It removes makeup and leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh without the need for makeup wipes or oils. 3. Nakery Beauty's Plumping Collagen Cream: This cream is a moisturizer that provides a boost in moisture and wrinkle-fighting benefits. It contains hyaluronic acid and eliminates the need for multiple products. 4. Arcona's Triad Pads: These cotton pads contain cranberry toner and can remove dirt, oil, and makeup while providing nutrients and clarifying ingredients. 5. Colorescience's Sunforgettable Total Protection Color Balm SPF 50: This product is a color balm with a high SPF of 50. It can be used on the eyelids, lips, and cheeks and provides both skincare and makeup benefits. Overall, the article recommends these skincare products for lazy girls who want a simple and effective routine."
Daily Mail - May 15, 2023 'My skin is RADIANT!' Shoppers say this brightening serum containing 15% Vitamin C and Ferulic Acid fades dark spots and boosts glow better than all other serums "'Topical ferulic acid is used alongside Vitamin C by some of the world’s biggest celebrities to minimize wrinkles, acne, dark spots and brighten skin better than Vitamin C alone. Right now, following the skincare habits of Hailey Bieber, Ashley Graham, Sienna Miller and more just got a lot cheaper as the Brandefy Vitamin C serum with 0.5% ferulic acid is reduced by 20 per cent on Amazon."
Vogue India - May 11, 2023 Is your skin barrier compromised? Dermatologists reveal how you can tell and fix it "Brandefy Skin Silks Triple Lipid Cream Formulated with 1.5% pure ceramides, 4.0% pomegranate sterols, and 1.8% fatty acids, it delivers long-lasting hydration and moisture."
HOLA! US - Apr 18, 2023 VITAMIN C: THE ANTI-AGING SECRET RECOMMENDED BY DERMATOLOGISTS "Brandefy Skin’s Vitamin E & Ferulic Acid Serum is a powerful antioxidant blend that protects and improves your skin’s appearance. With 15% Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid, it reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation, while promoting a more even complexion."
Swift Wellness - Feb 28, 2023 18 Affordable Skincare Swaps For Luxury Beauty Products "Brandefy’s simple Superfood Cleanser is an under $25 alternative. The cleanser has kale, spinach, and green tea to moisturize, strengthen the skin barrier, and nourish skin. The formula is safe for sensitive skin and can be purchased from Brandefy’s website or on Amazon."
Beauty News NYC - Jan 30, 2023 Night Moves: Radiance-Boosting Skincare for Sleeping Beauties "Is your skin ready for triage? If your skin is looking tired and lackluster, treat it to a new and improved skincare routine by adding a radiance-boosting product from the first-rate selection below."
BeautyMatter - Jan 24, 2023 HOW BRANDEFY IS LEVERAGING APP DATA TO FILL PRODUCT MARKET GAPS "Entrepreneurs have been taking a stand against exuberant markups. Beauty Pie, stating that luxury products are sold at nearly tenfold their original production cost, built its business model on cutting out the middleman. Instead, the company replaced it with a subscription model that enables customers to purchase lower-priced alternatives to luxury products. The immense success of affordable skincare ranges like The Inkey List and The Ordinary show a consumer desire for lower-priced, results-driven skincare as skincare connoisseurs became aware of unsubstantiated product pricing and overhyped formulations."
InStyle - Jan 03, 2023 15 Indie Beauty Brands You Need To Try In 2023 "These impressive indie beauty brands — including Tower 28 and Youthforia — shouldn't be slept on. The Brandefy beauty app was launched in 2018 by Meg Pryde when she was a student at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business. The app aimed to help beauty lovers find affordable products with the same ingredients and benefits as more expensive brands. When she realized there were insufficient dupes for a lot of the most popular searches, Pryde founded Brandefy Skin in October 2021. Her mission is to pull back the curtain on the industry, revealing secrets like how some luxury moisturizers might be made in the same factory as brands sold at Target. Her line eliminates extensive marketing and high-priced packaging, and instead focuses on high-quality ingredients and formulas. One of the best sellers is the brand’s 15% Vitamin C + E + Ferulic Acid Serum, which is only $49 ($36 for subscribers). That’s less than a third of the price of many similar antioxidant serums."
The Strategist - Nov 16, 2022 The Best Skin-Care Routine for Your 50s "Dr. Engelman recommends this formula from Brandefy because it boosts brightness overall. It has similar ingredients to the very popular (and very expensive) Skinceuticals C E Ferulic, but is less than half the price. Brandefy’s formula contains a high concentration of pure vitamin C (15 percent) along with tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), and 0.5 percent ferulic acid, an antioxidant that helps to neutralize free radicals and also stabilizes vitamin C and E. It also contains propanediol, a humectant that helps skin to retain moisture."
Wellandgood - Jul 22, 2022 Meet the Drugstore-Priced Skin-Care Brand Making Near-Identical Dupes of The Buzziest Luxury Products "In a world where skin-care products can often cost upward of $200, most of us know the feeling of wanting something that’s out of (financial) reach. Thankfully for those of us trying to maintain our beauty routines without breaking the bank, there’s a new company disrupting the industry and making some of the most sought-after luxury formulas accessible. Enter: Brandefy, a social community and e-commerce platform that uses customer feedback to create value versions of prestige brands. How Brandefy works: When Meg Pryde, Brandefy’s founder and CEO (and a beauty-industry veteran), noticed a lack of transparency in the beauty space, she crystallized an idea that would change the way consumers shop forever."
Forbes - Jun 30, 2022 The Best New Skincare Products For Summer 2022 "A dupe of Skinceuticals C E Ferulic at a fraction of the price, this serum also features 15% L-ascorbic acid, 0.5% ferulic acid and vitamin E, with a bonus addition of propandiol. It kicks dullness to the curb while fighting off environmental aggressors and minimizing fine lines and dark spots. $49,"


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