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Date Established 01/2020
Founder Drishay Menon & Rob McIntosh
Headquarters Chicago, IL
Health & Wellness, Beauty
Press Contact Drishay Menon


The Bottlecode Age Defense Skincare Kit
The Bottlecode Age Defense Skincare Kit $145.00
The Bottlecode Natural Skincare Kit
The Bottlecode Natural Skincare Kit $140.00
The Bottlecode Travel Skincare Kit
The Bottlecode Travel Skincare Kit $135.00


When it comes to grooming and personal care, most guys don’t know where to start (and neither do our friends!). This puts them way behind the curve when it comes to taking proper care of themselves and their skin.

After years of late-night internet research, pushy salespeople, and trial and error—Drishay and Rob decided to build a better way. At Bottlecode, they make your skincare journey easier than theirs by streamlining access to expertise. With just a short quiz, they'll pair you with a dedicated expert who builds you the perfect routine and helps you reach your skincare goals.

Founding Story

Bottlecode was started through our founders' struggles.

For Drishay, puberty was a tough time. His skin, in particular, gave him a lot of trouble. Multi-step treatments, Accutane pills, light therapy, numerous dermatology visits—you name it, he tried it.

At the time, there was very little information on what a young Indian guy like him could do to take care of himself. Through a lot of trial and error, he was able to figure out what was right for him and his temperamental skin.

Rob always did the basics when it came to skincare but with his 20s behind him, he became interested in specialized solutions to help 40 look as good as possible. His concerns, wrinkles, and baggy eyes, didn’t warrant a visit to the dermatologist so he set out to find solutions on his own. Seven cleansers and creams later, he finally found a combination that produced results. Not a fun process. Not a cheap one either.

That struggle, lack of guidance, and loss of self-confidence is something that our founders hope no one else has to go through—so Drishay and Rob built Bottlecode.

The most customer-centric personal care retailer that enables personalized guidance from experts, unbiased product recommendations, and one-to-one communication. They want to help you build a great healthy habit, and they're with you every step of the way.


Drishay Menon

CEO & Co-Founder

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Drishay was born and raised in Indonesia before coming to the US to study Industrial Engineering at Northwestern University. He began his career in consulting and quickly realized he wanted to learn how to build products and solutions to problems.

He left to join Trunk Club, a growth-stage startup in Chicago at the time, starting off as a product manager. He had the pleasure and joy of contributing to various parts of the business, focusing on building technology-enabled solutions and unlocking highly personalized and curated experiences both on and offline.

Drishay is a passionate advocate of health and wellness and is an avid supporter of anyone taking the time to take care of themselves in order to be the best version of whoever they choose to be.

Rob McIntosh

Co-Founder & Creative Director

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Rob began his career at GQ magazine before spending several years in the men's division at Ralph Lauren. Eager to join a start-up, he moved from New York City to Chicago and joined Trunk Club as a Copywriter and later became Brand Manager, leading men's creative efforts.

He then joined another high-growth men's brand, Mack Weldon, as Director of Brand but it was his experience at Trunk Club and passion for building personalized retail experiences that led him to found Bottlecode with Drishay.


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