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Date Established 10/2021
Founder Esther Lee
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Esther Lee


The prevalence of misinformation that perpetuates shame about vaginal odor underscores the importance of seeking accurate information. Many women unknowingly resort to fragranced soaps or caustic substances like boric acid in an attempt to mask odors or prevent infections. However, maintaining a healthy balance of good bacteria is the key to eliminating odor and infections. Prioritizing safe and gentle products for vaginal care is crucial for maintaining a healthy vaginal ecosystem that is naturally protective against pathogens that cause odor and irritation.

Although appropriate at times, it is not always about stripping away the bad (bacteria), but about nurturing the good. In the moments when you want to support your vaginal flora, remember: Our vaginas deserve to be celebrated, not shamed, for all the work it does and will continue to do.

Founding Story

It was during a day when Boquet founder Esther Lee's energy was depleted from being unsure about her career and the person she was dating, the start of feeling irritation down there felt overwhelmingly frustrating. The feminine hygiene product she was using added more gloom to her day and was barely helping. Using her pharmacy background, Lee formulated a vaginal tablet with a natural prebiotic that supports the vaginal flora from shifting to a state of pH imbalance.

Whether we are busy with work, dating, studying, partying, traveling, or raising children, it is easy to miss the signs that our bodies may be stressed. The hope that we take more moments to care for and celebrate ourselves is what led to the creation of Boquet.


Boquet Prebiotic Suppositories
Boquet Prebiotic Suppositories $29.00

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