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A marketplace with expert classes & maternal care providers for expectant parents and new families


Date Established 01/2017
Founder Jada Shapiro
Headquarters Brooklyn, New York, USA
Tech, Health & Wellness, Parenting
Press Contact Cecile Urrea


Boober is a marketplace that quickly connects expectant and new parents to high-quality classes and on-demand, expert care providers like lactation consultants, doulas, mental health therapists, and more so parents can thrive in their pregnancy to postpartum journey. No more searching, vetting, waiting or stressing. Boober takes the challenge out of finding the support growing families need to succeed in their unique parenting journey and has helped thousands of families since 2017. Boober is the only marketplace of its kind led and founded by a maternal care expert with almost 2 decades of years experience as a care provider, birth educator, media expert and business owner, with deep relationships in the pregnancy/postpartum space. Boober's mission is to empower expectant and new parents to transform their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experiences and outcomes through expert education and easy access to qualified maternal healthcare providers.

Currently, Virtual Services and Online Classes are offered nationally and In-Person services in NY/Tri-State Area and expanding every day. In December 2020, boober added pregnancy to postpartum parenting classes built on the success of its founder’s first company, Birth Day Presence, which was the top childbirth education and doula-matching and training center in NYC for over 15 years.

Founding Story

Boober was born out of a market demand by desperate new parents who couldn’t find breastfeeding help fast enough. Jada was running her first company Birth Day Presence, at the time, and was tired of seeing her students give up nursing or feed their babies in pain, unable to get the lactation help they needed. Jada started giving out her personal cell phone number on a postcard, offering parents the opportunity to text for help in finding same-day care. She soon found herself coordinating visits with lactation professionals or running out of the house herself to help people with the simple basics of feeding their babies. Jada saw the improvement in front of her eyes; by the time she’d leave they had less pain, babies were feeding better, and parents were expressing their utmost gratitude and relief. With the texts overflowing, she knew it was time to create a platform that would quickly and easily connect new parents to qualified Lactation Professionals and the other in-person & virtual services and classes they needed to thrive.

Team Bios

Jada Shapiro is a maternal health expert and the founder of boober, where expectant parents and new families find classes and on-demand expert care providers, pregnancy to postpartum. She founded boober to empower parents to positively transform their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experiences and outcomes through expert education and easy access to qualified maternal healthcare providers. She also founded Birth Day Presence, NYC’s most trusted source for birth worker trainings and expectant parent education, which has supported over 20k parents since 2002. She is a birth and postpartum doula, childbirth educator, lactation counselor, birth photographer, mother, and step-mother. Jada has helped thousands of families prepare for birth, has assisted hundreds of births, cared for first-time parents, A-list celebrities, and everyone in between. She advises leading actors about childbirth and breastfeeding for major films and is a sought-out media expert on pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, lactation, and newborn parenting. Jada graduated from Wesleyan University with a double major in American Studies and Dance and focused her senior thesis on the medicalization of childbirth in America, after discovering a fascinating book about childbirth in the library. Jada witnessed her first birth a few years later when her dear friend invited her (and 19 other people!) to photograph her birth at a freestanding birth center. Jada is a mother and stepmother to 4 girls aged 11-15.


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