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Date Established 01/2021
Founder Fay Behbehani
Health & Wellness
E-commerce & Retail
Press Contact Fay Behbehani


Bonbuz is a female-founded alcohol-free mood-enhancing beverage company pioneering the future of drinking for the buzz without the booze. Designed to stimulate your mind and mood for a deeper connection through the natural power of nootropics, adaptogens and medicinal mushrooms. Our bold concoctions offer focus and energy while calming the nervous system for a night on the town or a productive afternoon.

We are disrupting the traditional spirits and functional drinks markets by creating health-forward, alcohol-free spirits and ready to drink options that amplify an enhanced sensory experience and empower our customer across their mood states, all day, every day. 

Founding Story

I started Bonbuz because I wanted to be intentional with how I live my life; to be able to unleash my limitless potential on demand and live in it for as long as possible. I knew I kept running away from my feelings by using alcohol and synthetics and I went on a quest to change this. I was on a mission to harness the power of naturally stimulating ingredients to challenge how we get buzzed.

After much self-exploration and time researching the most potent functional supplement stacks that could stimulate the mind and body, my glow-up led me to conceive and formulate the most inspiring beverage options for modern times.

Because we don't need to consume toxic chemicals that harm our bodies to enjoy socializing or keep grinding at work. We can shift how we feel, enjoy doing it, and, ultimately, watch the ripple effects those healthier choices have throughout our entire lives — with Bonbuz.

From the first sip to the morning after - Bonbuz brings you a deep sense of resonating nostalgia - that stress-free heart flutter you had before adult-xiety took over.

Fay Behbehani, Mama @Bonbuz


Bonbuz Bittersweet Citron
Bonbuz Bittersweet Citron $39.95
Bonbuz Functional Fizz Combo
Bonbuz Functional Fizz Combo $20.00
Gift Card
Gift Card $25.00
Slowburn $39.95
Cocktail Kits
Cocktail Kits $50.00
Bad Enough Already Fizz
Bad Enough Already Fizz $20.00
The Bestseller Bundle
The Bestseller Bundle $100.00
Tomorrow Things Fizz
Tomorrow Things Fizz $20.00

Team Bios

A wild gal turned sober-curious, Fay Behbehani is a London native living in Los Angeles, and a beverage entrepreneur in both the alcoholic and the non-alcoholic space.

As former head of marketing for a California-based brain tech company, she discovered her passion for bio-hacking and incremental gains for mind and body. After co-founding Uncle Ed’s Damn Good Vodka, Behbehani had an epiphany on a meditation retreat in Northern California that alcohol no longer served her, and that drinking culture needed a radical shift.

Harnessing her breadth of experience, whilst indulging in her passion for all things beverage, wellness and plant medicine, she founded bonbuz, setting out to revive the spirits industry and what it means to drink and get 'buzzed' together in the modern age.


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