Blvck Paris is ‘Blacking Out’ MakersPlace gallery on Decentraland for their 2nd NFT drop Darker than ever
Brand Logo Blvck Paris dividng line Aug 01, 2021

PARIS, France (Aug. 1, 2021) — Today, the global lifestyle brand Blvck Paris announced its second NFT drop ‘DARKMODE02’ on MakersPlace. Each of these artworks have been meticulously created from the music to every detail in the animation by creative director and founder, Julian O’hayon. Customers can view the art collection in MakersPlace virtual gallery in Decentraland and by visiting starting August 11th.

The brand launched its NFT debut collection earlier in June exclusively on MakersPlace and sold out all of the 30 fixed editions within the first 5 minutes of release. The artworks follow the themes of the brand itself, featuring the authentic work of O’hayon in the form of 3D motion graphics.

As part of DARKMODE02, O’hayon invites you to continue the journey of the melancholic themes which epitomizes the ethos of Blvck. Introducing, a limited open edition of an immersive racing game conceptualized by O’hayon which takes you to three universes with reference to the fairy ‘Blvck Land’ universe released in the first drop.

As a special addition to the collection, the fixed edition pieces come with unique apparel or accessories never seen before, specifically created for this drop.

The entire collection launches on starting August 11th. In addition, a live interview will take place on the day of the drop featuring $WHALE, MakersPlace and O’hayon. To learn more about the release, visit online and stay tuned on the Blvck social channels via Instagram, Facebook, and Makersplace Twitter.

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