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Blvck Paris

Premium aesthetic lifestyle brand, all in BLVCK


Date Established 11/2017
Founder Julian O'hayon
Headquarters France
Press Contact Steffi


Essential Hoodie 2.0
Essential Hoodie 2.0 $100.00
Blvck Playing Cards
Blvck Playing Cards $55.00
Blvck Tokyo Pants
Blvck Tokyo Pants $100.00
Blvck Welcome Mat
Blvck Welcome Mat $110.00
Blvck Slippers
Blvck Slippers $85.00
Blvck Puzzle
Blvck Puzzle $30.00


Founded in 2017 by French Designer, Julian O’Hayon, Blvck Paris is a premium aesthetic lifestyle brand known for its “All Black” clothing, accessories and leather goods for both men and women focusing on beautiful yet minimalistic and functional design.

From visual content to merchandise, Blvck Paris believes the generic styles of traditional fashion have become obsolete, and challenges the fashion world by becoming a pioneer in creating a new type of lifestyle focused on quality and design, dedicating themselves to creating the best minimalistic black products. At its core, Blvck Paris' 'All Black Lifestyle' is a culture shift to live life on your own terms free from vanity.

Founding Story

Growing up in a very entrepreneurial environment, Julian quickly realized he was always into both tech and design from a very young age. At the age of 13, he taught himself to code and web-design. He grew to love it so much that he decided to start his own design agency, Anckor. By the age of 22, he was working with over 100 clients worldwide designing their websites whilst studying business engineering at his University.

Creating his own brand and products has always been a dream for Julian. He began sharing his monochrome and minimalistic lifestyle through his Instagram and began applying his personal 'Blvck' stamp on to household brands by ‘blvcking out’ everyday items to make them memorable and aesthetically pleasing. Julian knew once his creation went viral that he was on the verge of starting something bigger and wanted to explore the ‘Blvck’ concept further by creating an all-black lifestyle brand.




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