BloomingTables Offers The World's First Living Furniture Line BloomingTables combines a terrarium with a table for an innovative garden solution.
Brand Logo BloomingTables dividng line Feb 10, 2021

SAN DIEGO, CA – February 10, 2021 – BloomingTables is proud to announce the launch of a new innovative furniture brand allowing users to grow herbs and vegetables, cultivate microgreens, or enjoy the beauty of succulents or vining plants indoors. BloomingTables is the world's first living furniture line, with a mission to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside homes.

"It is a reality that the human population continues to live in smaller, more confined areas – further and further away from nature," said Dustin Anthony, Founder of the company. "At BloomingTables, we believe we offer a one-of-a-kind solution to introduce nature into our daily lives, by utilizing the square footage of our furniture in a sleek and modern way."

Interest in planting and gardening has drastically increased over the past year, but many urban environments do not have outdoor spaces available for such activities. With BloomingTables, indoor space can be maximized to allow for living room or office furniture to serve not only as a table, but as a garden and statement piece, adding life to your space.

Every BloomingTable is equipped with a twist-open valve for draining off excess water, ensuring plants' roots do not rot. Plants can be grown both hydroponically and with traditional soil methods. The products are expertly designed with tempered glass tabletops and UV-resistant suctions cups, allowing for easy planting and watering. The acrylic-lined tub below the tabletop ensures a leak and mess-free environment.

BloomingTables are best used with succulents, vines, cacti, driftwood, rocks, moss and microgreens. Creative possibilities are endless with both plants and a variety of table sizes! Currently, BloomingTables offers desks, coffee tables, entryway tables, and side tables in their line.

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The worlds first living furniture line that allows users to grow herbs, cultivate micro greens, or enjoy the beauty of succulents and vining plants indoors.