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The worlds first living furniture line that allows users to grow herbs, cultivate micro greens, or enjoy the beauty of succulents and vining plants indoors.


Date Established 11/2019
Founder Dustin Anthony
Headquarters San Diego, California
Press Contact Dustin Anthony


Coffee Table
Coffee Table $379.00
Desk $399.00
Entryway Table
Entryway Table $289.00
Side Table
Side Table $269.00


BloomingTables is the world's first living furniture line that allows users to grow herbs and vegetables, cultivate micro greens, or enjoy the beauty of succulents and vining plants indoors. Featuring desks, coffee tables, entry and side tables, customize your living space with living plants!

Founding Story

BloomingTables is a small business located in sunny San Diego. We have a simple mission: To bring the beauty of the outdoors, indoors.

At BloomingTables, we believe that indoor plants make a beautiful addition to any home, as well as reaping many benefits for people's well-being. For many who live far from nature, BloomingTables is an innovative option to incorporate their favorite botanical scenes into their homes. This living furniture line combines beauty and functionality in a sleek and modern way.

BloomingTables is committed to not only offering a unique and beautiful product, but also ensuring that every single customer has the highest level of customer service.


Dustin Anthony

Founder & CEO

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Dustin is an entrepreneur focused on innovation through consumer product goods. He aims to change the way people house plants – and grow food – at home. Our current living spaces increasingly constitute smaller, more confined areas, far-removed from nature. Dustin believes BloomingTables offers a solution to further blend nature into our lives in an unprecedented way.




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