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Big Bee, Little Bee

Innovative reusable goods for people of all ages


Date Established 03/2016
Founder Amy Leinbach
Headquarters Huntington Beach, California, USA
Home, Beauty
Press Contact Amy Leinbach


Big ScrubBEE Silicone Scrubber
Big ScrubBEE Silicone Scrubber $11.99
Silicone Build-A-Straw
Silicone Build-A-Straw $4.99
Clean Bee Reusable All-Purpose Towels
Clean Bee Reusable All-Purpose Towels $12.99
Little ScrubBEE Silicone Scrubber
Little ScrubBEE Silicone Scrubber $8.99


Big Bee, Little Bee makes innovative reusable goods to help families minimize their reliance on single-use paper and plastic. As a brand, they actively engage people of all ages (especially kids), and encourage them to take steps toward greener living. With a mission to make sustainable living fun, easy and accessible to as many people as possible, they strongly believe that these little changes in peoples' homes can lead to big changes in our society.

Feature products include ScrubBEE Silicone Scrubbers for scrubbing the dirt away, Build-A-Straw for plastic-free straws, and Clean Bee Reusable All-Purpose Towels for skin and surfaces.

Collaborations with other independent makers have become an additional focus for the company. Products from these business owners complement Big Bee, Little Bees' proprietary creations, and are available for sale on their website – from handmade soap to tea. 

Big Bee, Little Bee has been a featured small business on Good Morning America and a featured woman-owned business on The View. Other features include LA Parent, OC Family, TimeOut NY, ParentCo, and more. They've been awarded National Parenting Product Awards (2017, 2018, 2019) and a Family Choice Award.

Their mission is to provide families around the world with high quality, affordable reusable goods in the interest of helping minimize their use of single-use paper and plastic, and lessen their environmental footprint.

Founding Story

The business was started by a mama (the Big Bee), in Huntington Beach, California, and was inspired by her now six year-old daughter (the Little Bee). Founded in 2016, it evolved from a baby goods company to a sustainable goods company as the Little Bee grew, and the family began their own greener-living journey.

The majority of their products are their own inventions, and were created to solve problems they encountered on their journey toward sustainable living. For example, the Original ScrubBEE was created to help little ones learn to wash themselves easily and effectively. It's made out of silicone (reusable, hygienic and long-lasting), has a textured handle for easy manipulation, a solid core to avoid trapping the yucky stuff, and an adorable design that kids love.


Amy Leinbach


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Amy Leinbach has been inventing since she was a little girl, but it took many years for her to build up the confidence to put something on the market. She has no formal training in anything related to inventing or business (her degrees are in education and the majority of her work experience had been in voice over), but she’s figured it all out as she’s gone along. Now she spends quite a bit of her time helping others bring their ideas to life.

She grew up in New York, went to college in Southern California, and never left. She lives with her husband, Rob, their daughter, Marlo, and two dogs, Walter and Auggie. Her family has been on a a journey toward living a more sustainable lifestyle for the paste few years, and continue to enjoy learning more about what that means every day.




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