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Date Established
Founder Arpit Bhopalkar
Headquarters New Orleans and Austin
Press Contact Arpit Bhopalkar


Ginger Recovery+
Ginger Recovery+ $3.99
Moringa Superfood+
Moringa Superfood+ $3.99
Sugarcane Juice - Ginger
Sugarcane Juice - Ginger $39.99
Turmeric Immunity+
Turmeric Immunity+ $3.99


Bhoomi is a Sanskrit word for Mother Earth and we make cold-pressed cane water elixirs with Ayurvedic super-botanicals in partnership with U.S. minority farmers.

Product and Philosophy: Enjoyed as an Ayurvedic elixir for centuries, cold-pressed cane water is simply water extracted from stalks of sugarcane grass and is a common source for natural hydration in tropical areas of the world. The sugarcane grass stalk resembles a bamboo and contains 80% water content full of electrolytes, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. In fact, sugarcane is a revered crop used for both medicinal purposes in the Ayurvedic health system.

Why Bhoomi: What makes them different from other cane water/juice beverages is they simply cold-press and extract water from sugarcane grass stalks and infuse with ayurvedic botanicals. They do not add any additional artificial ingredients or added granulated form of sugars. Just 3-5 real and simple ingredients in every bottle. Bhoomi comes in 3 flavors – Ginger, Turmeric and Moringa. Bhoomi is Certified Paleo and Low Glycemic, and comes in 100% plant-based bottles. With partnership with U.S. minority farmers, Bhoomi is truly a farm-to-bottle elixir.

Revolutionary Packaging: Bhoomi’s new innovative bottle is powered by plants. Best-in-class and made from 100% sugarcane, our bottle helps reduce greenhouse gases, and is renewable and fully recyclable. As per the study by Trayak and Climate Collaborative, Bhoomi's new packaging helps reduce carbon footprint by a substantial 89% compared to other traditional PET options. 

Bhoomi's mission is to revolutionize sugarcane by promoting Ayurvedic health benefits, partnering with minority U.S. sugarcane farmers, and working for radical positive environmental impact.

Founding Story

As a former International Table Tennis Athlete, Bhoomi’s co-founder, Arpit, brings the globally-revered health benefits of cane water to the US. After training sessions, his father would wisely rush Arpit and his brother to the nearest street vendor for a refreshing glass of sugarcane juice. His coaches and doctors recommended sugarcane juice for natural hydration and sustained energy. Arpit went on to become an International Table-Tennis athlete, representing India, and yet to his dismay, when Arpit moved to New Orleans to study and play Table-Tennis for Tulane, there was no sugarcane juice to be found. That’s when Arpit and his now co-founders started pressing fresh pressed sugarcane at New Orleans Farmers' markets and the idea for Bhoomi was born.

Team Bios

Arpit Bhopalkar


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Prior to Bhoomi, Arpit Bhopalkar was a professional Table-Tennis athlete for India, and his coaches and trainers would recommend cane water for its health benefits. When he went to New Orleans for higher studies, he went looking for cane water but couldn’t find it. 

But, he did find sugarcane is grown on a large scale in the Southern US. So, he bought an extractor, and started making his own cane water. People liked it so much that his wife Elora and friend Shreyas and he started selling it at New Orleans' Farmers Markets. One thing led to another, and that’s how Bhoomi was born.

Arpit now lives in Austin with his wife and dog Samwise. He's on a mission to revolutionize sugarcane by partnering directly with Louisiana Black Sugarcane farmers and supporting regenerative practices that restore the planet.


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