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Benjamin Talks

A piggybank promoting responsible spending, thoughtful saving and purposeful giving in kids of all ages


Date Established 11/2020
Founder Nikki Boulukos, Carissa Jordan
Headquarters Melville, NY
Home, Parenting
Press Contact Alanna Weiss


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Launched in November 2020, Benjamin Talks is the Money Movement for the next generation. Through purposeful products and creative content (via social media and weekly newsletters), Benjamin Talks aims to educate, engage and empower today's children with the financial tools they need to thrive.   

Founding Story

As young, fresh-out-of-college analysts at Goldman Sachs, Co-Founders and Co-CEOs, Carissa Jordan and Nikki Boulukos would have never guessed how their paths would converge nearly a decade later. After subsequent stints at J.P. Morgan and in the start-up world, respectively, Carissa and Nikki found themselves in the same Long Island suburb raising their young families. With their shared passion for finance, these two new mothers began to wonder how to talk to their kids about money. Carissa and Nikki quickly realized there was no blueprint to giving young children a financial foundation and knew that simply needed to change. 

After brainstorming over countless playdates and post-bedtime conference calls, Benjamin Talks was born. As an ode to Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Talks pays homage to a Founding Father who was also a founding voice to the American approach to personal finance. In his well-known essay, The Way to Wealth, Ben Franklin’s pragmatic advice offers a timeless, yet relevant perspective on industry, work ethic and frugality. The Benjamin Talks team hopes to continue the critical conversation that Ben Franklin started, in an equally witty and approachable way.  


Carissa Jordan


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In her role as Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Benjamin Talks, Carissa Jordan manages all accounting and logistics for Benjamin Talks. She also works closely with Nikki Boulukos on product and content development.

Hailing from Queens, NY, Carissa later graduated from Hofstra University in 2008. Upon graduation, Carissa joined Goldman Sachs on the trading desk. In 2013, Carissa departed Goldman to join J.P. Morgan Private Bank. Carissa currently resides in Lloyd Harbor, NY with her husband and the three young children whose innate curiosity about money sparked her passion for financial literacy.

Nikki Boulukos


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Nikki Boulukos is Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Benjamin Talks. Her primary responsibilities include setting strategic direction and operational objectives, as well as managing all legal and operations. Nikki also works closely with Carissa Jordan on product and content development.

Born in St. Louis, MO, Nikki Boulukos grew up in New Jersey and later matriculated at Harvard College, where she captained the Varsity Women’s Soccer team for three years. Following graduation in 2009, Nikki worked at Goldman Sachs as a financial analyst before venturing into the start-up world. She served as COO & Vice President of San Francisco-based beverage start-up, Wanu Water (aka FLUROwater) and later founded Seirén, an on-demand app company in the beauty space. Nikki now lives in Cold Spring Harbor, NY with her husband and their three small, financially-savvy kids.

Femi Faoye

D.R.E.A.M. CEO and Co-Founder

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Femi Faoye is the CEO & Co-Founder of D.R.E.A.M. (Developing Responsible Economically Advanced Model-Citizens), a non-profit organization that empowers America’s underrepresented, urban youth through financial education. As a native of Brooklyn, NY, Femi has witnessed, firsthand, the crippling effects of financial illiteracy in communities where a lack of financial knowledge is prevalent among community members. Femi is a passionate financial literacy advocate and leading personal finance expert. He is also on the Advisory Board for Liberty LEADS and a mentor to first-generation college students through New York Needs You. Femi holds an MBA from Cornell University, Johnson Graduate School of Management and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Trinity College in Hartford, CT. 




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