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Beauty wellness brand empowering women to indulge in self-care and practice self-love


Date Established 06/2021
Founder Brittany Lo
Headquarters New York
Press Contact Brittany Lo


Beia empowers women to indulge in self-care. Inspired by the Chinese word “bao bei,” or “treasure,” Beia reminds us to cherish those “me moments” we all need. Beia believes a joyous sense of health and an apologetic badass vibe is when you look the most radiant and feel your best. To Beia, beauty isn’t only in the eye of the beholder - it's deep within them, and its self-care lineup goes there - wherever your “there” may be.

Made from only the cleanest hand-selected ingredients like aloe for its soothing and calming anti-inflammatory properties and breakout-banishing green tea green tea, Beia’s sleekly designed products and formulas are all designed with a dual purpose - Every ‘look good on the outside’ result is backed by a ‘feel good on the inside’ benefit for an immersifying beauty experience. From morning to night, whether you’re out to enhance your well-being and sexual-vitality, or maintain the outer glow that comes from true inner confidence, Beia believes everyone is very well deserved of this kind of self-care or, better yet - self-love.

Founding Story

Brittany, CEO and Founder of NYC-based bridal hair and make-up company, Beautini, empowered thousands of brides and their closest circles through confidence-skyrocketing makeovers on their big day on the daily. In her fieldwork, Brittany often witnessed incredible women connecting over problems rather than accomplishments, and shielding themselves from experiencing true pleasure.

After a lifetime of dreaming of my own beauty brand and with a larger mission in mind, Brittany founded Beia in hopes to empower women everywhere to feel their best, look their best—and dominate the world—24/7. How? Through a diverse line of clean beauty and wellness products that’s all about self-love sans guilt. Drawing from her Chinese heritage and unwavering passion, Beia was born to shatter the taboo of indulging oneself. Her ultimate goal is to inspire the embrace of all forms of “me moments” that ultimately unleash the very best, most beautiful version of you.


Brittany Lo

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Meet Brittany Lo, CEO and Founder of Beautini, the NYC-based bridal beauty experience featured in People Magazine, The New York Times, The Knot, BRIDES and more, Brittany Lo and her team of 80 stylists have empowered thousands of brides and their closest circles through confidence-skyrocketing makeovers on their big day.