The Good Life Beckons with Beckon’s National Ice Cream Day Tailgreat Popup On July 18th, get a FREE Snack Cup of lactose-free luxury on the Greenway in Boston
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BOSTON, MA – Beckon ice cream is celebrating National Ice Cream Day like you’ve never seen before – with an ice cream-inspired tailgate!

Bostonians are invited to come down to Rowes Wharf on the Greenway on Sunday, July 18th from 12-5pm to support this home-grown, women-owned brand that is shaking up the ice cream world and on it’s way to becoming a national hit.

The Beckon brand is all about enjoying the good life of indulgences – whenever and wherever it strikes your fancy. The founders of Beckon, lactose intolerant Katy Flannery and fellow ice cream lover Gwen Burlingame, are making their point during this year’s National Ice Cream Day in the most unexpected way: sampling their new Snack Cups wearing ball gowns on the back of a pick-up truck! They boldly want all to know that Beckon is real, authentic ice cream and yet rich in all the right ways — irresistible flavors, luscious texture, premium ingredients. You can finally have ultra-delicious, premium ice cream made from fresh milk and cream and that is also lactose-free.

The upcoming pop-up event kicks off the startup’s first media campaign, which will run throughout the remainder of the summer on Facebook and Instagram, and is all about living the good life by making every day a little more luxurious. To bring the campaign to life, Beckon is taking something seemingly everyday and leveling it up - like turning an old pick-up truck into an ice cream truck full of lactose-free luxury! It's a good life that beckons.

Visit Beckon’s ice cream pick-up truck on Sunday, July 18th to try Beckon Snack Cups, a dose of decadence in a snackable size. The truck will be located near Rowes Wharf on the Greenway in Boston. To secure your FREE ice cream, just fill out a quick form. For all who are not local to Boston, filling out the form will be an entry for a chance to win FREE Beckon.


Beckon Snack Cups are available in three feel-good flavors - Vanilla with rainbow sprinkles, Mint Chip with creme cookie crumbles and Dark Chocolate Brownie with cookie gems. All flavors are available in perfectly portioned 3.5 oz cups, individually at SRP of $2.49 individually or in a pack of 4 cups for $7.99, at Whole Foods Market nationwide. Like all other Beckon products, Beckon Snack Cups are also available on


Beckon is calling people back to REAL ice cream that is unbelievably delicious and surprisingly lactose-free. Founded on the belief that no one should have to miss out on premium ice cream, co-founders Katy (lactose-intolerant) and Gwen (sympathetic sweet tooth) created the first-ever clean label premium lactose-free dairy ice cream on the market. With fresh milk and cream, no gums, no corn syrup, and no artificial stabilizers, Beckon is bringing the good life to the 25% of Americans who are lactose intolerant. Now everyone can enjoy the creamy, drool-worthy treats they grew up loving without any compromises. Don’t miss a Beckon beat and go to or follow @BeckonIceCream to learn more!

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