Beckon Launches New Snack Cup Format, Bringing Summer Nostalgia to the Ice Cream Aisle 3 Lactose-Free Flavors Conveniently Packed with Tasty Toppings Right Under the Lid
Brand Logo Beckon Ice Cream dividng line May 03, 2021

BOSTON, MA -- Beckon, the brand that brought lactose-free dairy ice cream to the premium set, has introduced another innovation to the ice cream aisle: the first-ever single serve ice cream cup with complementary toppings right inside the lid. A popular concept in the yogurt category and reminiscent of scoop-shop sundaes, this new ice cream aisle innovation comes in three feel-good flavors available exclusively at Whole Foods Market on May 1st:

Vanilla with Rainbow SprinklesDark Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Cookie GemsMint Chip with Chocolate Creme Cookie Crumbs

“Like our pints, Beckon Snack Cups are for everyone - not just for lactose intolerant consumers,” says Katy Flannery, lactose-intolerant co-founder of Beckon, “Everyone craves true indulgence and Beckon Snack Cups are perfectly portioned to satisfy everyone’s cravings with a feel-good ingredient list that brings us back to simple and straight-forward options. It doesn’t need to be complicated, and Beckon has always been about making things delicious, accessible, and easily digestible.”

The snackable size is intended for adults and kids alike to conveniently sweeten up snack time. The topping inclusion idea came straight from Beckon HQ where the six-person team would often top, dip, and mix Beckon’s flavors using ingredient samples leftover from development projects.  The team’s afternoon snack became a tradition they missed during the pandemic.  “With the whole team working from home, what started as recreating our ice cream socials turned into recreating a nostalgic experience, we all know and love,” said Katy’s co-founder, Gwen Burlingame.

Beckon Snack Cups bring back memories of birthday parties past. “We loved that the mini cup felt like the old-fashioned vanilla and chocolate cups we had as kids in New England,” said Flannery. With most consumers spending more time at home and some itching for outdoor activities, Beckon Snack Cups allow for convenient do-it yourself sundae nights in, or a transportable sweet treat for beach days or afternoon picnics.  

Beckon Snack Cups are 3.5 oz each, and are available at an SRP of $2.49 individually, or as a box of 4 for $7.99 exclusively at Whole Foods Market nationwide until May 1st and will then expand to select retailers across the country. Like all other Beckon products, Beckon Snack Cups will also be available on 

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