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Date Established 01/2008
Founder Rachel + Jiyoon Han


Bean & Bean is focused on Female Equity in Coffee. Women make up more than 70% of coffee labor — from farmers to baristas — but are paid substantially less and have fewer workers’ rights than men. Bean & Bean has a conscious commitment to source from female producers whenever possible. Right now, more than half of Bean & Bean coffee is from women-led or owned coffee farms. The producers are fair trade and organic certified, to guarantee that all workers receive a livable wage, no exceptions. Bean & Bean believes in supply chain transparency and is direct-trade when possible. That means they have a real relationship with their coffee producers. (Like, they actually know each other and keep in touch via text and zoom.)

Founding Story

The duo behind ethically sourced Bean & Bean is mother Rachel and daughter Jiyoon, both certified Q graders (a.k.a. coffee sommeliers). Jiyoon’s parents, who immigrated from South Korea in 2000, opened their first coffee shop in New York City in 2008 and pioneered the first-ever Queens, NY coffee roastery.

Today, Bean & Bean has 4 locations. Each coffee is sourced, cupped, and curated by the mother-daughter duo. That’s why they have survived three major obstacles — the 2008 financial recession, the COVID-19 pandemic, and their first brick and mortar being right next to a Starbucks.

Not that it’s been easy — Jiyoon was pulling double duty as a Harvard Business School MBA candidate in the mornings and a coffee connoisseur at night, experiencing the shutdown as a crash course in saving a family business. After graduating in 2022, Jiyoon was selected for the prestigious James Beard Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership program of 2023.


Organic Fair Trade Certified Downtown Blend
Organic Fair Trade Certified Downtown Blend $11.00
Peru Las Damas Organic Coffee
Peru Las Damas Organic Coffee $18.00
Fancy Diner Coffee
Fancy Diner Coffee $18.00



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