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A community built around products for women and folks with short hair


Date Established 06/2021
Founder Sheena Lister and Megan Andrews
Headquarters San Francisco
Press Contact Sheena Lister


Soft Clay Pomade
Soft Clay Pomade $30.00


Barb creates products and community for women and folks with short hair.

It’s time for short-haired women and folks to have spaces and products made for them. Barb is evolving the traditional hair and beauty industries by building a new hair category rooted in inclusion, acceptance and living your truth.

Founding Story

Sheena Lister (she/her) and Megan Andrews (she/they), founded Barb in 2021. Throughout their individual short-haired journeys, they had each found themselves stuck between two traditional worlds - salons and barbershops.

For Sheena, salons are spaces where she can get a great haircut but the cost for a cut every 8-12 weeks is not sustainable. Barbershops, meanwhile, feel designed for a “man’s” cut and she always feels a bit left out as the only woman in a chair. For Megan, Salons have never felt like home. They love the barbershop experience but don't love that every pomade on the shelf is marketed so specifically to ‘men’. There had to be a better, more inclusive solution -- enter, Barb!

They founded Barb with the vision of giving women and folks with short hair a home, a place to feel included, and a badass community of people defying the ‘traditional’ model. Sheena and Megan are wholly committed to creating hair products for all short hair textures and types, and are looking forward to creating a space for like-minded Barbs and Barb allies.


Sheena Lister and Megan Andrews


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Sheena (she/her) considers herself an Entrepreneur-Athlete having founded two start-ups in the last five years. Her first start up, Workforce Athletics (WFA), was founded in 2016. In 2020 during the pandemic, WFA took a brief intermission and Sheena had her first baby, Flo. While WFA was on pause and Flo was napping, she brought the idea for Barb to life. Sheena is especially grateful to her co-founder Megan who without thinking twice agreed to embark on this amazing Barb journey!

Megan (she/they) has spent the majority of her career in the brand identity and activation space working for beloved lifestyle consumer brands across multiple industries, including Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and CLIF Bar. They are ready to put all their amazing brand experience to work.

Sheena and Megan are excited to evolve the industry and build a community for all Barbs around the world.


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