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A community built around products for women and folks with short hair


Date Established 06/2021
Founder Sheena Lister and Megan Andrews
Headquarters San Francisco
Press Contact Sheena Lister


Soft Clay Pomade
Soft Clay Pomade $30.00


Barb creates hair styling products for women, non-binary and trans people, or anyone who expresses themselves through short hair (Aka: Barbs).

Products are designed from formulation to application to promote a community rooted in acceptance and living your truth. Barb is the only hair and beauty brand centered around the identity of short hair.

Sheena and Megan have each had short hair for 15+ years. Before Barb, they were faced with an industry where nearly all short hair products were made for and marketed to men. As Sheena says “Hair has no gender, but most haircare products do.” So in 2021, they launched Barb to provide products and community for those who have been under-represented and under-served in the traditional haircare space. Barb's core customers are ages 25 - 45, and the brand sells nationwide via their website, They also work with a growing number of wholesale partners in shops and salons across the country.

Barb’s first and signature product is the Soft Clay Pomade ($30), which has 5 star reviews from 100+ customers. This medium hold, natural finish pomade is soft and creamy on the hands with no stiffness or stickiness. It has a fresh smell, rinses clean with water, and works well on its own or with other products. It’s also cruelty free. Whether you have a bob, shag, wolf cut, crop or pixie, Barb has product and community for you.

Barb was also recently accepted into an accelerator program with XRC Labs, an NYC-based VC which focuses on retail tech & consumer goods and partners with companies like Estée Lauder, Mastercard, GS1 and others.

Founding Story

Sheena Lister (she/her) and Megan Andrews (she/they), founded Barb in 2021. Throughout their individual short-haired journeys, they had each found themselves stuck between two traditional worlds - salons and barbershops.

For Sheena, salons are spaces where she can get a great haircut but the cost for a cut every 8-12 weeks is not sustainable. Barbershops, meanwhile, feel designed for a “man’s” cut and she always feels a bit left out as the only woman in a chair. For Megan, Salons have never felt like home. They love the barbershop experience but don't love that every pomade on the shelf is marketed so specifically to ‘men’. There had to be a better, more inclusive solution -- enter, Barb!

They founded Barb with the vision of giving women and folks with short hair a home, a place to feel included, and a badass community of people defying the ‘traditional’ model. Sheena and Megan are wholly committed to creating hair products for all short hair textures and types, and are looking forward to creating a space for like-minded Barbs and Barb allies.

Team Bios

Barb CEO and Co-Founder, Sheena Lister, was born and raised in Calgary, Canada and has always been passionate about building community, experiences and brands. After 15 years working in sports and marketing, Sheena launched her first company Workforce Athletics (WFA), a venture backed corporate sports startup, in 2016. When WFA took a brief intermission due to COVID, Sheena founded Barb to help other short-haired folks like herself feel seen in the hair and beauty industries. She currently lives with her family in San Francisco and enjoys great coffee, travel and of course a good hair day.

Barb COO and Co-Founder, Megan Andrews, is a first-time founder and professional with 15+ years of marketing and operations experience. Megan started her career in brand partnerships at Olivia, a travel company for the LGBTQ community. Then, after a few years at a tech startup building mobile advertising solutions, Megan pivoted to a role in experiential marketing in Craft Beer. She continued to build her experience with roles at beloved brands like Sierra Nevada Brewing Co, CLIF, Deschutes, and 21st Amendment Brewery. In 2019, Megan launchd her own brand consulting business, working with clients to hone their brand voice and identity. She is now focused full-time on leading and scaling Barb’s marketing & operations.


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