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Date Established 01/2019
Founder Natalie Steger & Annika Götz
Headquarters Germany
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Kelsey Cone


BADESOFA specializes in creating innovative, comfortable, and stylish bathroom and sauna furniture that enhance relaxation and leisure time. Our product range includes the revolutionary BADESOFA and SAUNASOFA, designed to transform the way you unwind in your personal sanctuary. Browse through our extensive product catalog to find the perfect addition to your bathroom or sauna space and discover the vision and team behind these game-changing creations. Additionally, BADESOFA offers interior design solutions to help you create the ultimate bathing environment, focusing on customer satisfaction and an extraordinary experience.

Founding Story

BADESOFA was born out of a dream to revolutionize the bathing experience and elevate relaxation to unprecedented heights. Our founders believed that everyone should have access to a truly comfortable and rejuvenating experience within the personal sanctuary of their bathroom. Dedication, passion, and an unwavering commitment to innovation fueled their journey to create BADESOFA. Today, we continue to inspire our customers to embrace the art of relaxation while pushing the boundaries of comfort, design, and self-care. As our story unfolds, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of developing luxurious, innovative products that redefine the bathing experience and turn ordinary moments into extraordinary ones.


BADESOFA Back Cushion
BADESOFA Back Cushion $199.99
BADESOFA® Foot Cushion
BADESOFA® Foot Cushion $139.99
BADESOFA® Seat Cushion
BADESOFA® Seat Cushion $159.99
BADESOFA® Pillow Set
BADESOFA® Pillow Set $199.99


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