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Date Established 11/2018
Founder Natalie Ebel and Caleb Ebel
Headquarters Los Angeles, CA
Press Contact Mari Andreatta


Surf Camp
Surf Camp $45.00
The Essentials
The Essentials $45.00
Touch Up Kit
Touch Up Kit $51.00


Created by husband and wife duo Natalie & Caleb Ebel, Backdrop is The New Way to Paint. The company has transformed the whole process of painting from start to finish – from the perfect color palette to sourcing the highest quality supplies.

Backdrop offers premium, Green Wise certified, and low-VOC paints that come in beautifully redesigned, award-winning paint cans, 12x 12’’ removable adhesive samples, the highest quality supplies, and a highly-edited palette of 50+ colors – all quickly delivered to your door. Since its launch in November 2018, each Backdrop sale has contributed to the International Rescue Committee, which helps displaced families in some of the most challenging places in the world.

Backdrop is the recipient of the Dieline award, Fast Company innovation by design award, is the first Climate Neutral certified paint company, and was recently acquired by legacy design company, F. Schumacher & Co., solidifying their position as category thought leaders.

Founding Story

The idea to create Backdrop started because Natalie & Caleb Ebel were tired of the old school painting process, finding it confusing, expensive, and time-consuming. They realized that the house painting category hadn’t been innovated in 100 years, so they did research and hosted focus groups on social media, learning that so many people, from several generations, shared similar frustrations. It was clear it was time for a big change and they were excited to take it on. Natalie and Caleb came to Backdrop with that ethos of paint being the best way to transform your space and wanted to make it easy, accessible, fun, and not so precious — and that really is what the brand is to people now. Backdrop customers are painting, re-painting, and playing with shapes and patterns. They’re empowered and enjoying it.


Natalie Ebel

Co-Founder & Co-President

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Natalie Ebel spent her early career in publishing at Simon & Schuster, Abrams and Chronicle Books, and Time Inc., where she learned good marketing is synonymous with storytelling and building community around those stories and experiences. That idea extended to her work at Pencils of Promise, where she was part of that first crop of cinematic VR and also part of the AdWeek Brand Genius Class of 2016, and later was promoted to Chief Marketing Officer. Coming from a charity like Pencils of Promise (PoP), building a brand that makes a positive impact was important to her. That translated to Backdrop’s paint being as environmentally responsible as possible and their partnership since day 1 with the International Rescue Committee.

Caleb Ebel

Co-Founder & Co-President

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Caleb Ebel was previously the Chief Financial Officer of BioLite, which specializes in off-grid energy products for both the outdoor recreational industry and emerging markets. Before that, he was an early employee at Warby Parker, and intimately experienced the power of the customer relationship and DTC business model firsthand. Combined with wife and business partner Natalie’s career experience, together they bring complementary marketing and finance skills to the table.


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