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Thoughtfully formulated cannabinoid-based supplements for your everyday health needs


Date Established 12/2019
Founder Sarabeth Perry
Headquarters Brooklyn, NY
Beauty, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Sarabeth Perry


Bace- Discovery Pack
Bace- Discovery Pack $25.00
Bace- Duo Plus
Bace- Duo Plus $85.00
Base- Duo Standard
Base- Duo Standard $60.00


Bace is a purpose-driven natural health company that provides thoughtfully formulated cannabinoid-based supplements everyday health needs. Bace was created to fill the white space in the Hemp marketplace where research, results and responsibility were lacking and is on a mission to use Hemp for Good. Committed to creating a company that serves consumers with the best possible outcomes for hemp-based health solutions, Bace provides access to honest education, science-backed products, and personalized guidance. Bace's first capsule formulation is the Classic Capsule, a CBD dominant strain that includes the cannabinoids CBC, CBG and the terpene Beta-Myrcene, all of which are specific to helping with stress and pain relief.  Available in three strengths (10mg, 25mg and 50mg) of hemp based capsules, Bace Classic Capsules are available as a Discovery Pack - a 7 day guided experience to discover the right dosage ($25), Duo Standard - contains two strengths (10 mg and 25mg) of hemp based capsules ($60/ 30 capsules), and Duo Plus - contains two strengths (25mg and 50mg) of hemp based capsules ($85 / 30 capsules).

Founding Story

Bace Founder, Sarabeth Perry, started her career in clinical research at Mount Sinai, where she worked with chronic care patients. After experiencing anxiety herself, and hearing from patients that they wanted to incorporate CBD into their health routines but in a safe and responsible way, Sarabeth saw the need for a company that catered to people who are coming to the category for health, rather than recreation. She created Bace to combine the ease of consumer products with products that are centered around the patient experience. Bace uses minimal ingredients, extraction methods without any chemicals, and precise formulations that cater towards specific needs in order to give people greater agency over their health.


Sarabeth Perry


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Sarabeth started her career in clinical research, working at Mount Sinai in the Palliative Care department helping to build alternative care models for individuals with chronic illness. After experiencing her own anxiety, and seeing the need for a more health-centered approach to product development in the cannabis space, Sarabeth founded Bace to bridge the gap between consumer products and healthcare. She is passionate about giving people more agency over their own health by providing simple cannabinoid products that deliver efficacy, and educating people on how to harness the power of their own bodies’ endocannabinoid system.




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