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Awkward Essentials

Providing Personal Solutions for Hella Personal Problems


Date Established
Founder Frances Tang
Headquarters Orange County, CA
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Rachel Johnston


Dripstick $15.00
Mainstream $8.00


We’re Awkward Essentials - a new kind of no-bs hygiene company. We love breaking the internet and providing personal solutions for hella personal problems. Like after sex cleanup. Say hi to dripstick, the world’s first after sex clean up sponge. Not that you were worried, but we’re on a mission to expand our hygienic care portfolio ASAP.

Backed by Unorthodox Ventures, the twist on a VC firm by Big Ass Fans Founder Carey Smith, Frances Tang, a multipotentialite serial entrepreneur, set out on a mission to normalize and solve the everyday awkward and taboo encounters around hygiene essentials. When she couldn’t find a reliable method for cleaning up after sex, she decided to dig in and create one herself with the support of Advisor, Cindy Gallop, Founder of Make Love, Not Porn. After years of having those awkward conversations with friends, developing prototypes and most recently graduating from accelerator GRID110, Awkward Essentials softly launched in the fall of 2019 to huge demand. Made out of soft, medical grade material that will easily mop up excess post-coital fluids, Awkward Essentials has quickly become a go-to hygiene essential for women throughout not only the US, but also the world. 

Founding Story

Listen, I love my husband but the mess after sex was not the business. Every time he finished I’d ninja roll off the bed, penguin walk/run to the bathroom, and sit there wiping up an endless gush of his stuff. 

So, I invented the dripstick. Otherwise known as your post-sex BFF. It’s a super soft, medical grade sponge that quickly soaks up all the excess fluids internally so you can move on with your day (or night!) 

BYE is-that-my-period-oh-wait-no-it’s-from-last-night moments of freak out!!!


Team Bios

Frances Tang

Founder/CEO/Captain Awkward

see bio

Frances is the founder/Captain Awkward/CEO of Awkward Essentials, a company that makes products that address the unspoken parts of hygiene. She is also the inventor of the dripstick - an after sex cleanup sponge. 

With a background ranging from hula dancing to baking to wedding photography, she never intended to build a company around post-sex cleanup. However, after accidentally launching in the UK a month before she got married, Frances built one anyway. She’s also a super cheerleader for fearlessness, trying new hobbies, and ice cream. 


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