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Date Established 07/2020
Founder Cameron Diaz + Katherine Power
Headquarters Los Angeles, CA
Press Contact Tina Carletto


Avaline White
Avaline White $24.00
Avaline Sparkling
Avaline Sparkling $24.00
Avaline Rosé
Avaline Rosé $24.00
Avaline Red
Avaline Red $24.00
Avaline Sparkling Rosé
Avaline Sparkling Rosé $25.00


Avaline is a clean wine brand created by global icon and wellness author Cameron Diaz, together with successful entrepreneur Katherine Power (Who What Wear, Versed Skincare, Merit). Currently available in White, Rosé, Red and Sparkling, Avaline’s portfolio of delicious, vegan-friendly wines are made with organic grapes and without unnecessary extras. With ingredient and nutrition transparency on each label, Avaline wines provide an easier shopping experience, inviting consumers to pour with confidence.

For Avaline, clean means always using organically grown grapes and, when needed only NOP-(National Organic Program) approved ingredients, never adding animal by-products, colors and concentrates or unnecessary sugars and keeping sulfites always below 100ppm. And of utmost importance, being transparent.

In July 2020, Avaline launched with the White and Rosé and within the first 60 days sold 120,000 bottles of wine and grew its social audience to nearly 60,000 engaged community members. With so much early success and demand the founders decided to accelerate the launch of the Red to October 2020. In December 2020, the highly anticipated Avaline Sparkling was introduced. In May 2021, a limited-quanity of Sparkling Rosé 375mls were released.

Founding Story

Like most good stories, Avaline’s begins with a few glasses of wine between friends. Introduced by Nicole Richie and drawn together by a shared love for wine and wellness, Cameron and Katherine forged a strong friendship. One beautiful afternoon in the backyard, as the wine started to flow, so did the conversation. They knew the contents of everything that went in and on their bodies—why not wine?

Their journey to answer this question began in April 2018, as they immersed themselves into the wine world, learning everything they could about the industry: from farming to winemaking to distribution and retail.

First, Cameron and Katherine agreed on the styles of wine they both enjoyed and wanted to make: a crisp and clean rosé, a mineral-driven, dry white and a medium-body red. Next, after extensive research, they identified generational winemakers in France and Spain with certified organic vineyards who specialize in these styles while maintaining high standards for sustainable farming and production.


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