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Aurora Mornings

Plant-based, morning wellness supplements and breakfast products


Date Established 08/2019
Founder Tom Mucklow
Headquarters NYC
Press Contact Tom Mucklow


Aurora-Morning Defense
Aurora-Morning Defense $49.00
Aurora- Morning Light
Aurora- Morning Light $49.00


Aurora is a morning wellness brand that provides plant-based supplements designed to help people get the most out of their mornings and to simplify health goals by making powerful vitamins, adaptogens and antioxidants more accessible. Launched in July 2020, Aurora currently offers two types of supplements (starting at $39/ 60 capsule jars): Morning Light - an adaptogenic energy and focus booster, formulated to help you start your day in a more productive and positive way and Morning Defense - a blend of vitamins and adaptogens formulated to provide support to your immune system first thing in the morning. To continue to help people start their days off strong, Aurora is expected to launch a range of healthy, convenient breakfast products within the year.

Founding Story

Founded in 2020, Aurora's Founder Tom Mucklow believes that mornings are a time to shine. Recognizing that everyone is familiar with the frantic routine of jumping out of bed, scrambling to shower, eat, and commute; Tom set out to naturally change that toxic routine. Aurora was created as the antidote to frazzled mornings that leave you fried instead of refreshed. The Aurora team is passionate about helping people embrace a wake-up ritual that inspires them to feel their best with all-natural supplements and breakfast options that set people up for success. Leading nutritionists and herbalists have perfected Aurora's morning wellness line for real people living active, ambitious lives. Harnessing the power of natural ingredients in their simplest form, Aurora proudly eschew harsh chemicals and complex processing that bogs the body down. Instead, Aurora gives the energy and mental clarity people need to embrace every day’s limitless potential.

Team Bios

Tom Mucklow


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With a background in film production and enterprise saas sales, building a morning-focussed CPG brand was a natural progression for Aurora Founder Tom Mucklow. Tom has been hacking his mornings for as long as he can remember. Whether that's through making hugely extravagant breakfasts before work or stacking a variety of nootropics, finding ways to wake up better and be more productive in the morning is his favorite thing to do. As founder, Tom works with the leading nutritionists, herbalists and development chefs to build out a range of morning focused products to help people get the most out of their mornings.



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