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ArtistsUntold partners with black and underrepresented artists to create streetwear


Date Established 02/2020
Founder Jordan Abdur-Raoof
Headquarters NYC
Home, Fashion
Press Contact Jordan Abdur-Raoof


Basquiat - Crew Neck
Basquiat - Crew Neck $69.00
Faces and Places Crew Neck
Faces and Places Crew Neck $69.00
Fulawa Short-Sleeve T-Shirt
Fulawa Short-Sleeve T-Shirt $54.00
Seen - Recycled T-Shirt
Seen - Recycled T-Shirt $59.00


ArtistsUntold, LLC is a Black owned online retail platform that provides up-and-coming Black and underrepresented artists with the opportunity to promote and monetize their artwork through apparel and fine art sales. Creating art is expensive enough, so ArtistsUntold provides their platform at no cost - leaving the artist with an income stream that allows them to buy that new paint brush set, 64-inch canvas, or camera lens.

Yes, it's completely free - ArtistsUntold pays for web hosting, apparel, shipping, advertising, model shoots, product testing, and more. They have contracts with each artist that allows ArtistsUntold to use their work while providing a profit split that is capped at 50%. This means the artist retains complete ownership of their art and ArtistsUntold does not require any exclusivity agreements. This ultimately results in monthly income for each of their partners.

In their first year of operation they were able to pay tens of thousands to their partners. As ArtistsUntold enters year two, the team is committed as ever to the success of this venture. Every cent that does not go to the artists is reinvested back into the business. Being a Black owned business, ArtistsUntold wants to support their community as much as possible, so they take this into consideration when they hire photographers, marketing agencies, accountants, and models.

It's important that ArtistsUntold benefits more than just the artists. They have also planted more than 5,000 trees in various regions in Africa with One Tree Planted's Africa Initiative. The focus is on rebuilding animal habitat, restoring soil and critical watersheds, all while improving the lives of the communities who rely on the forests the most.

To date, ArtistsUntold has have paid their partners $40k and has planted 5k+ trees.

Founding Story

ArtistsUntold partners with black and underrepresented artists to create elevated streetwear. The platform is completely free for our partners and artist’s receive a direct portion of each sale

Jordan Abdur-Raoof has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a love for story-telling. While in college he started a website called IvyUntold that is devoted to sharing the stories of black and underrepresented communities at Cornell, but he didn’t have any money to pay the writers which was his least favorite part of the venture. After he graduated and started working full time he left IvyUntold behind as a campus organization. However, his love of story-telling and supporting underrepresented communities was always on his mind. In the back of his head he was always looking for opportunities to get these communities money while sharing their story.

Fast forward 2 years into his career, and he realized there were a few things about his life that were not being fulfilled as he took on a career in finance. ArtistsUntold came about as he was seeking to fill in those gaps.

The first gap was a lack of access to unfiltered creativity and art is the purest form of that. He noticed that a lot of the artists could get thousands of likes on a feature page, but their art page would only have a few hundred followers. That disconnect made him confident in the artwork provided by lesser known people

The second gap was around connecting and economically empowering historically disadvantaged communities. Most business owners probably hate pay day but giving their artists an opportunity for passive income and sending them that check is one of his favorite days of the month.

And lastly, being able to help out the environment. Since he was a kid, Jordan has had dreams of planting a forest, and through our partnership with One Tree Planted we are able to do just that! Since launch we have planted over 5,000 trees and paid our partners over $40,000.

ArtistsUntold is a social venture that is hear to make the world a better place. We are creating the the company of our dreams and flipping the art industry on it's head by putting the artist first. We live and operate by our motto, 'Wear Something That Means Something'


Jordan Abdur-Raoof


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In the forgotten, post-college, years of 22 to 25, Jordan Abdur-Raoof has consistently rediscovered himself through ongoing and never-ending self-reflection. Through this introspection, he has found himself involved in a myriad of activities and ventures that each fill a specific niche or void in his life with hopes that success will follow. Most notably, his recent venture, ArtistsUntold, is a Black owned clothing brand that fuses art and fashion. The online retail platform provides up-and-coming Black and underrepresented artists with the opportunity to promote and monetize their artwork through apparel and fine art sales.

Since launch in early 2020, they have been able to partner with 20+ artists providing more than $40,000 in income for their partners, while planting north of 5,000 trees with One Tree Planted. Jordan hopes to revolutionize the retail and art business through an artist-centric and sustainable approach. 

Leveraging his trials and tribulations of young adulthood, a period of time that is often overlooked and undervalued, he will share his insights into creating time for yourself, leading with passion & purpose, interviews, entrepreneurship, and cultivating space for creative outlets.




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