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Armato Olive Oil

Homemade Italian olive oil and pantry staples


Date Established 01/1871
Founder Aldo Armato
Headquarters Alassio, Liguria, Italy
Press Contact Gwen Connors


From their home in Italy, the Armato family produces a very special extra virgin olive oil. Their exceedingly low-acid oil is a buttery, delicate, and fruity alternative to the greener and more rustic varieties produced around the Mediterranean. Alessandra Armato makes this oil from the world-renowned olive variety called Taggiasca, unique to the Italian region of Liguria. Not only that, the olive mill sits on the ground floor of the family's home! Excellent for your health as well as on the palate, the Armato oil is a gift from their home to yours.

The Armato family produces a variety of incredible pantry goods that make the perfect building blocks to easy weeknight dinners. From semi-dried cherry tomatoes to marinated artichokes bathed in buttery oil and piquant chili flakes, an old-world meal is only moments away if your pantry is stocked by the Armato family.

Founding Story

The Armato family has been involved in the production of olive oil for many generations. The namesake of the brand, Aldo Armato, was small and modest in nature but fiercely proud of his long family tradition of producing oil. From the ancient groves of taggiasca olive trees planted in the hills above Ligurian coast, he and his wife, Laura, began formally labelling and selling their oil. Although bottling olive oil with labels only dates back to the mid 20th century, the stone mill still used today dates back to 1871. Not only that, the stone mill still sits on the ground floor of the family home!

Aldo and Laura passed their legacy down to their daughter, Alessandra, and her husband, Giordano Mazzariol. Today, Alessandra and Giordano still make olive oil in their home for you to enjoy. They also work with neighboring farms in Liguria to jar extra-sweet sun-dried tomatoes, marinated artichokes, olives packed in olive oil, sweet onion jam, and spices.


Armato Olive Oil 500ml
Armato Olive Oil 500ml $22.50
Armato Olive Oil 1 Liter Bottle
Armato Olive Oil 1 Liter Bottle $42.00
Armato Dried Oregano
Armato Dried Oregano $11.00
Armato Chili Oil
Armato Chili Oil $23.00
Armato Artichokes
Armato Artichokes $23.00
Armato Onion Relish
Armato Onion Relish $17.50
Armato Dried Red Pepper Flakes
Armato Dried Red Pepper Flakes $11.75
Armato Semi-Sundried Sweet Cherry Tomatoes
Armato Semi-Sundried Sweet Cherry Tomatoes $22.50
Armato Sun-dried Tomatoes
Armato Sun-dried Tomatoes $22.50
Armato Pitted Taggiasca Olives
Armato Pitted Taggiasca Olives $22.50
Armato "U Re" Olive Oil
Armato "U Re" Olive Oil $35.00

Team Bios

Alessandra jokes that she was born in the olive mill. She is the fifth generation of Armato's to wield the stone mill that sits on the ground floor of their family home. Along with her husband, Giordano, the pair also manage thier small olive grove and farm in Alassio, Italy.

Alessandra has worked on her family's estate full time since the age of 19, but she learned the trade as a child and was ever-present on the farm after school and during summer breaks. As of 2023, she and Giordano have now been in charge for over 25 years. They manage the mill with the help of a handful of employees and their two teenage sons.


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