Arey Launches 'To The Root' Serum to Slow, and Even Re-Pigment, Grey Hair
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Los Angeles, CA (November 2021) Arey, the first brand targeting grey hair with a proactive and holistic approach, launches its second product To The Root hair serum on 17th November. The proactive and clean topical serum is formulated to reduce the signs of aging hair utilizing a clinically effective peptide that can help slow the greying process and stimulate re-pigmentation, along with nourishing extracts and antioxidants to promote healthier, thicker and fuller hair with the added benefit of panthenol for increased volume. The formula is oil and scent free and leaves no greasy residue.

The mission of Arey is to slow the aging process of hair, with a focus on a holistic, pro-active, and preventative approach. Arey launched with its daily supplement ‘Not Today, Grey,’ which is filled with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants along with an Eastern Medicine herb called Fo-Ti and black sesame extract to protect and support hair color from the inside-out in March. Now Arey is introducing its topical solution to combat aging hair from the outside-in.

Why we go grey

The IRF4 gene that causes grey hair is only responsible for 30% of why we go grey. There are two other main factors that cause grey hair: the decrease in melanogenesis and the increase in oxidative stress in the hair bulb. This unique serum tackles both with a scientific-backed blend that includes a clinically efficacious peptide and extracts that stimulate melanogenesis while reducing oxidative stress in the hair root. This results in the prevention and slowing of grey hair, and in some instances helps with re-pigmentation by stimulating MC1-R (Melanocortin 1 Receptor).

The Arey team consists of medical and scientific experts as well as a sought-after LA-based hair stylist and beauty entrepreneur. They are constantly researching the latest Western scientific studies and also look to Eastern Medicine ingredients in order to create the first functional beauty brand dedicated to aging hair, with a specific focus on grey.

“I wanted to create the wrinkle cream for hair after starting to go grey myself and not loving the options available to me: accept the grey or dye my hair every 4 weeks with chemicals that have been shown to increase the risk of cancer.” – Allison Conrad, co-founder.

“As a stylist, I became tired of not having a healthy, proactive solution for clients going grey. I wanted to offer an option that gave clients confidence, time and healthier hair!” – Jay, co-founder.

You can purchase To The Root at and Not Today Grey at and

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The first brand targeting grey hair with a proactive and holistic approach