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The first brand targeting grey hair with a proactive and holistic approach


Date Established 03/2021
Founder Allison Conrad & Jay Small
Headquarters Los Angeles, California
Beauty, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Allison Conrad


Not Today, Grey
Not Today, Grey $34.00
To The Root
To The Root $41.00


Arey is the first science-focused brand addressing the aging process of hair with a holistic and proactive approach. Their daily supplement's unique formula replenishes your body with the vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants that create an optimal environment for preserving hair color.

Scientists have identified that genetics account for approximately 30% of grey hair. Vitamin deficiencies due to diet and lifestyle choices, and even the chemicals in dyes we use to cover up our grey hair, can be contributors. 

"A daily supplement that quite literally puts the breaks on hair color loss." - Byrdie

Founding Story

Grey hair hasn't gotten a major makeover since hair dye was invented in 1907
We use wrinkle cream to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.
We use SPF to ward off age spots.
We exercise regularly to keep in shape.
Why is the only option for greying hair to cover it up with chemicals?

When Allison started to see her first grey hairs, she felt helpless. She wanted to be proactive and prevent more grey hair from popping up, but nothing safe and clean existed, so she set out to create a solution. Allison turned to her friends and family in the scientific and medical community and researched vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in Western cultures, as well as Eastern medicine practices and ingredients; and put together a daily regimen that included more pills than she'd like to admit. She started seeing her grey hair growth slow down, and also noticed her hair was thicker, fuller, glossier, and generally more youthful. Allison and Jay combined that complex regimen to create Not Today, Grey- offering an affordable, easy way for others to gain control over their aging hair.

There ‘s nothing wrong with grey fact, it’s quite beautiful; but Allison personally wanted to kick that can down the road as long as she could. 


Allison Conrad

Founder and CEO

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Allison is an entrepreneur and operator focused on e-commerce brands in the wellness space. She received her BA from Duke University, launched a side-hustled fashion brand online, received her MBA from Stanford University, ran a beauty brand and most recently has been consulting and advising tech-enabled consumer companies.

Jay Small

co-Founder and Hairstylist

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Jay is a sought-after hair stylist in Los Angeles with over 18 years experience, whose clients consist of high profile business and creative leaders. He trained as an apprentice to the owner of Paul Mitchell and worked in education and product development for Paul Mitchell Systems. Jay is incredibly passionate about the creative process of styling hair as well as developing effective products.




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