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ARDO Living

Making comfortable, productive, stylish indoor living the new norm


Date Established 01/2022
Founder Henek Lo
Headquarters Hong Kong
Press Contact Tania Cheung


Home Coat
Home Coat $249.00
Cooler Weighted Blanket
Cooler Weighted Blanket $189.00


ARDO is a premium home goods brand here to elevate the at-home lifestyle and make comfortable, productive, stylish indoor living the new norm. It’s their mission to help you thrive in your element and feel the best in your own skin. Their first two products, the Home Coat, and the Weighted Blanket is the perfect day-to-night duo that helps you work better and sleep better. Both made with bamboo rayon, a fabric derived from natural fibers, the coat and blanket are soft to the touch, breathable, hypoallergenic, and anti-bacterial - supporting your low maintenance but high function lifestyle. ARDO products work around the clock to support holistic wellness, building intimacy from mind to body to improve mood, focus, and set your creativity free.

Founding Story

Having experienced the drastic changes in lifestyle at the start of the pandemic, the ARDO team wanted to make staying home a better experience for everyone under the new reality. For some of us, being home meant more time to connect with our family; for others, it was more isolation and needing to come to terms with that. Regardless, investing in personal space and mental well-being became a priority.

The idea of ARDO was conceived in Hong Kong, a high-stress metropolis famous for its small living space. From a city of efficiency to the world, ARDO offers a high-functional but low-maintenance way of life where comfort, productivity, and better sleep are top of mind.




The robe is so amazing! I am truly in love with it! I can't stop wearing it. I think you made every little detail perfect.

Milena Aleksic

Digital Creator (@aleksic_twins)

I love it! I'll be living in my home coat for the next few months! My husband is already jealous!

Marie-Joelle Parent


I LOVE the home coat, I've been wearing it everyday. It's super cozy, I love the fabric and weight. Only issue I'm seeing is the sleeves are a bit long even when rolled up. If I have to do the dishes or wash my face I find myself taking the coat off entirely and putting it back on afterwards.

Erika Wheaton

Digital Creator (@erikawheaton)

I am absolutely obsessed with this brand because of their attention to details and sustainable approach.

Jelena Aleksic

Digital Creator (@iellenah)

This coat is as soft as it can be! I love that the packaging is recyclable and biodegradeable!

Samantha Bienstock

Forbes 2020 Top 5 Influencer (@trendyambitiousblonde_)

It’s amazing !!! My only feedback is that, if I’m editing or watching tv, something chill it’s super comfy, especially if I’m doing a movie night, but for other things like eating or putting make up on, the sleeves get in the way a lot because they are super long (I’m tiny) haha but other than that it’s wow! I work a lot from home so it’s literally perfect!

Nanette Nicole


My weighted home coat from ARDO couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been wearing it religiously around my house and it’s become my new security blanket and helps me release tension in my shoulders I tend and actually relax. It’s helped me with coping with anxiety and not feel so uptight. I couldn’t thank this coat more in a time of need to feel secure. I LOVE how it makes me feel cozy and surrounded by a cloud while also feeling cool to the touch. I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone that’s in need of a security weighted blanket they can wear around their house.

Jjanga Horne


I LOVE IT! I cannot say enough amazing things about it!! The fabric, the fit, everything. What’s AMAZING is I’m 5’10 with a medium build but one of my sisters is plus size and only 5’4 and it fit us both amazingly!!!

Katie O’Neill

Digital Creator (@sipeatplayrepeat)

They look comfy but I was blown away by how soft they are when I put them on! Super comfortable, functional, and fashionable; the perfect trifecta!

Vincent Sung


Love it! Super comfy and for it being oversized and padded it isn’t heavy which is amazing 🙌🏻

Mariela Polanco

Founder of marfemme NYC

I’ve found that I’ve had deeper sleeps since using the blanket. I didn’t realize that having weight on my body is something I wanted or would enjoy so much. It feels like a hug with just the right amount of pressure. I’m happy that I’m not restricted; it’s still easy to move freely in the bed. I’m not sure if I feel calmer or simply more comfortable, but that’s something I’ll be more aware of.

Sidney Rogers


The perfect nighttime routine for those with anxiety, insomnia or stress. I used to have a difficult time falling asleep. I’d just lay in bed and stare at the ceiling for hours. I tried: no phone 1 hour before bed; calming music, meditation. But what really helped me was a weighted blanket from ARDO. The weighted blanket changed the way I sleep. I wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

Karina Blackwood

Founder of NYC Stretching

I absolutely loved it! I’ve been sleeping with it at night and to be honest I find myself in a much deeper sleep than I normally do. Plus it doesn’t make me hot!

Janessa Marcos

Digital Creator (@wearethemarcos)


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