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Date Established 05/2023
Founder Reese Hanneman & Ryan Sheldon
Health & Wellness
E-commerce & Retail
Press Contact Ryan Sheldon


Antidote offers a naturally powered pre-workout that is for people who don't want to put sketchy chemicals and artificial ingredients in their bodies.

Founded by Olympic and elite athletes after they could not find a pre-workout that met their incredibly high standards, the company focuses on using nature's proven super-foods to give a potent boost of energy to help you get the most of your workout.

Their tagline? "Pre-workout for people who are sketched out by pre-workout."

Founding Story

Founded by Olympic and elite athletes.

When we started Antidote, we had a simple goal; create a pre-workout that cut zero corners. We took the lessons we've learned competing at the very highest levels, and applied it to our goal of making the very best natural nutrition solutions.

Antidote was founded because we could not find a pre-workout that met our incredibly high standards. So we decided to create our own.

Like you, we're very picky.

We have no time for BS, and neither do you. We were sick of all the status quo "nutrition" products that were full of junk, and even worse, substances that are known to be dangerous for hearts, lungs, and bodies. We started Antidote to be a slap in the face to the norm.

Team Bios

Reese Hanneman is a former U.S. Olympic athlete, and spent a decade competing with the U.S. Ski Team. Transitioning from sports to business, he founded the Ophira Group, a marketing agency known for its innovative approach to marketing, PR, strategy, and digital media. With a focus on measurable outcomes and strategic thinking, Reese applies his athletic discipline to drive success in a competitive market. 

Ryan Sheldon is a former Division 1 track athlete in hammer and discus, and a dynamic entrepreneur. He owns a premium hospitality company, renowned for its exceptional service, and has also founded an algorithm-focused software company. Despite being so young, Ryan’s business acumen has allowed him to build a successful business network and track record investing in companies and the communities he engages with.


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