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Date Established 04/2020
Founder Deean Yeoh, Agnes Zhan
Headquarters New York, NY
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Cristal Wireless Pocketed Bra
Cristal Wireless Pocketed Bra $69.00
Cristal Hipster
Cristal Hipster $22.00
Ana Demi Longline Pushup Bra
Ana Demi Longline Pushup Bra $59.00
Ana High Waist Bottoms
Ana High Waist Bottoms $22.00
Dani Balconette Pushup Bra
Dani Balconette Pushup Bra $59.00
Dani Thong
Dani Thong $20.00
Gin Full Coverage Pocketed Bra
Gin Full Coverage Pocketed Bra $69.00
Gin Thong
Gin Thong $20.00


Amour Caché is French for “hidden love” - signifying the details embedded throughout all of Amour Caché’s design-focused garments. The french inspired brand creates intimate apparel for all walks of life. From bralette lovers to breast cancer survivors, Amour Cache aims to empower women who may feel underrepresented or unseen within the traditional lingerie industry.

For most, bras and underwear represent the articles of one’s wardrobe that demand the least thought, and are often seen merely through a lens of functionality. Founders Yeoh and Zhan, created Amour Caché believing lingerie should reflect your taste and experience. With bra sizes ranging from AA-G, and bottoms ranging from XS-2XL, the brand is dedicated to acknowledging these adaptations and catering to all walks of life. Amour Cache is committed to creating a lingerie brand that isn’t just size and shape inclusive, but is also inclusive to the women who face life experiences like breast cancer or pregnancy.

To them, a person’s body is ever changing, and they deserve a brand that supports them throughout their journeys.

Founding Story

As two women who loved intimate apparel, founders Deean Yeoh & Agnes Zhan knew at first hand how hard it was to find the perfect bra with the perfect fit. When the two friends first conceived the idea of Amour Caché, they surveyed hundreds of individuals and discovered that their own struggle to find the perfect bra wasn’t so idiosyncratic - that it also encompassed women who’d been wearing ill-fitting bras for years, to women who’d battled breast cancer and found few options, post-recovery.

It was when one of their co-founders discovered she had breast lumps, that the founders realized however changing the female body is and their needs, and so - created Amour Caché.

From everyday reliability, to confidence when you're down, to compassion when unexpected health concerns arise. Amour Caché prioritizes comfort, design, versatility, and support for all of your experiences; throughout all your walks of life.


Deean Yeoh

Co-Founder & CEO

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As an avid lover of design, Deean learn to sew at age 10 from her mother - an entrepreneur who started her own chain of retail boutiques. Deean brought her love of fashion with her to Boston University where she studied at the Questrom School of Business, and became Co-Creative Designer of the Fashion and Retail Association. She spent the earlier part of her career in the digital marketing and sales industries where she worked with various luxury ecommerce clients, and learned the importance of catering to niche needs.

Today she carries on the legacy of her mother by combining her passions for fashion and business at Amour Caché.

Agnes Zhan

Co-Founder, CFO

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Agnes comes from a family of entrepreneurs and denim dyers. She is a Boston University's Questrom School of Management alumni who's early years were spent as a Project Manager at a VR company in Hong Kong. It was there that she honed her expertise in supply chain and project management. Agnes met her, soon-to-be, co-founder and best friend Deean at college in the Fashion and Retail Association, where the two became designers and Co-Creative Directors.

Today, she she manages various supply chain relationships and product development timelines at Amour Caché.


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