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Date Established 03/2021
Founder Alison Wu + Laura Harrison
Headquarters Portland, OR
Press Contact Alison Wu


SPICY $15.00
SAVORY $15.00
FLORAL $15.00
GIFT SET $45.00


Inspired by traditional dukkah, Ami Ami is a collection of nut, seed and spice toppings. All blends are vegan, paleo-friendly and free of sugar, grains, dairy and soy. Ami Ami comes in three distinct flavors making them the perfect addition to any meal:

+ Spicy: Hazelnut, pepita, coriander, sesame, nigella, cumin, urfa and maras peppers.

+ Savory: Pine nut, sunflower seed, fennel, thyme, sumac and lemon peel.

+ Floral: Pistachio, rose, walnut, sesame, coconut and cardamom.

The flavors can be purchased individually or as a three-pack – a great gift idea for the home cooks in your life. They are perfect as a topping on salads, soups, toasts, smoothies, yogurt, pasta, dips, veggies and more!

Founding Story

Ami [ah-mee] means 'friend' in French. Started by two friends, Alison and Laura, Ami Ami celebrates the beauty, joy and simplicity of making and sharing food at home with those you love. Alison and Laura first bonded over their love for food and how it brings people together. They started Ami Ami out of a shared belief that delicious and flavorful meals don’t have to be fussy, have a long list of ingredients, or be hard to make at home.

As women business owners, it's important to them that they support organizations that empower young girls and women on their own paths to success. That's why they donate a portion of profits to support the important work of Heya Masr, a social enterprise initiative in Egypt with a mission of restoring a sense of dignity and pride in young women.


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