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Founder Dr. Deepak Dugar, Emmanuel Rey, Priscilla Taylor
Headquarters Hayward, CA
Press Contact Anais Millette


AMEVA is a groundbreaking skincare brand committed to skin health and a sustainable future. By offering innovative, bioengineered formulas that harness the power of Mevalonic Acid, the company provides exceptional nourishment and restoration for the skin. This universal molecule fuels vital biological processes, enabling your skin to look, feel, and function optimally, regardless of race, age, or gender. With a focus on carbon negativity, AMEVA brings a new level of sustainability to the skincare industry, providing high-quality, eco-friendly moisturizers and serums. Subscribe to the AMEVA newsletter for the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales, and join the revolution for better skin health and a greener future.

Founding Story

AMEVA was inspired by the need for effective skincare solutions that work for everyone while supporting a sustainable future.

United by this mission, the passionate team behind the brand discovered the transformative power of Mevalonic Acid. By unlocking the potential of this universal molecule, AMEVA revolutionized skincare and empowered people to achieve their best skin at a cellular level, regardless of individual differences. Since its inception, the company has been unwavering in its dedication to providing unparalleled skincare products that not only improve skin health but contribute to a brighter, more sustainable future for all.


Rapid Rejuvenating Duo
Rapid Rejuvenating Duo $110.00
Multipotent Serum
Multipotent Serum $75.00
Skin Activating Moisturizer
Skin Activating Moisturizer $65.00






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