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Date Established 05/2015
Founder Kyle LaFond
Headquarters Blue Mounds, Wisconsin
Beauty, Health & Wellness
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Men's Natural Grooming Gift Sets
Men's Natural Grooming Gift Sets $25.00
Natural Body Wash
Natural Body Wash $14.25
Natural Deodorant
Natural Deodorant $10.00
Natural Beard Balm
Natural Beard Balm $14.25
Natural Aftershave
Natural Aftershave $10.00
Natural Beard Oil
Natural Beard Oil $14.25
Natural Hand Sanitizer
Natural Hand Sanitizer $5.00


American Provenance makes safe and effective personal care products by hand using all-natural ingredients. They choose transparency in their ingredients and operations, and minimal ingredients so consumers can clearly see and understand what’s in their personal care products. The American Provenance team believes they have a responsibility to help lessen their impact on this planet so while they’re rooted in science, they are inspired by nature in all that they do. American Provenance isn’t as much a business as a belief. A belief that when you make a better product, a pure product, it’s better for everyone. Better for your body, better for the environment, better for animals, and ultimately better for business.

100% BS free. 100% genuine. 100% pure

Founding Story

Founded by Kyle LaFond, a former middle school science teacher, the company originated from Kyle's concern over the questionable ingredients in the brands used by his students. Frustrated by the chemical clouds of product infiltrating the school hallways, Kyle challenged his students to create their own personal care items without harsh chemicals. After years of experiments and improvements to his own formulas, he launched American Provenance from an updated machine shed on his fourth-generation family farm. Today, the company makes all its own natural products from its southern Wisconsin facility near the original family farm where it all began.


Kyle LaFond


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Kyle LaFond is the Founder of American Provenance. Kyle started his career as a wildlife biologist for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources but later transitioned into teaching middle school science. During his years as an educator, he became passionate about encouraging his students to use safe, natural personal care products. This led to the launch of American Provenance.

In his free time, Kyle likes to work on his family farm in Blue Mounds. On nice weekends you can find him hiking or fishing on some of Wisconsin’s wonderful public properties.


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