Modest womenswear brand AMEERA launches “Scrunchie-o’s”, hair scrunchies recycled from leftover fabric. In a miniature vintage inspired cereal box
Brand Logo Ameera dividng line Dec 02, 2021

The fashion industry produces roughly around 17 million tons of textile waste a year. Instead of throwing away excess material after creating a garment, Ameera Hammouda of AMEERA had the idea of upcycling the leftover scraps of fabric and turning them into scrunchies.

Introducing: Scrunchie-o’s, which are hair scrunchies crafted out of recycled washable silks from the brand’s first collection.

AMEERA is a women's clothing brand established in 2021. The clothing company just released a variety of new hair accessories that will complement its current line of garments.

The company’s founder, Ameera Hammouda, created her namesake brand to make fashionable yet modest womenswear for everyone. The brand bridges the gap between style and modesty while juxtaposing new and old, minimalist and detailed elements.

For every box of Scrunchie-o’s purchased, one tree is planted. The Scrunchie-o’s are made of biodegradable washable silk and are carbon-positive.

The Scrunchie-o’s come in sets of four and come in two sizes, and four patterns. They are packaged in a miniature vintage cereal box that was designed in collaboration with a young artist. Once the limited-edition Scrunchie-o’s sell out, they will no longer be available for purchase.



Established in 2021, Ameera, is a luxury sustainable womenswear brand focused on bridging the gap between style and modesty. Considering their view on clothes being compared to companions, Ameera is keen on having less. For them, it's never been about catching up with trends - it's about adding pieces to your wardrobe designed to be worn multiple ways.

Inspired by its own founders small, yet mighty wardrobe, Ameera, strives to design stylish, modest, clothing anyone can wear regardless of how covered they prefer to be. The brand philosophy is simple- create clothing that empowers women while giving back to people and planet.

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