Amandean’s Net Zero Plastic Footprint is Setting New Benchmarks for Supplement Brands Plastic Neutrality has helped Amandean clean up over 20,000 lbs of plastic waste
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Since the first quarter of 2020, Amandean has pledged to become Plastic Neutral by partnering with rePurpose Global. The sustainably-sourced supplement brand is extending its commitment to the planet & customers beyond clean, transparent ingredients and furthering it with its containers and packaging. They’re cleaning up ocean-bound plastic waste 1-product at a time.

Becoming plastic neutral means that for every ounce of plastic used in the packaging and safe storage of Amandean supplements, the same amount of plastic waste is then removed from the planet through clean-up efforts.

To date, Amandean has cleaned up over 20,500 lbs of plastic waste to reduce its impact on the planet and increase its commitment to becoming a sustainability leader in wellness.

You’ve likely heard of brands becoming ‘carbon neutral’. From buying back carbon credits for corporate travel to offset programs, Plastic Neutrality follows a similar principle. A percentage of profit on each Amandean product goes to fund the removal and reuse of the same amount of plastic waste that is littered in nature. With Plastic Neutrality, Amandean can offer our products with a Net Zero Plastic Footprint.

Here’s how Plastic Neutrality works:

For every dollar of Plastic Neutral contributions invested by Amandean, 100% of it goes into improving and expanding waste management infrastructure globally. This helps maintain the existing systems of waste removal and to expand for the long run the taking on even more plastic waste that would have otherwise been dumped in nature.

The nitty-gritty

Amandean and its waste-management partner, rePurpose Global, are also helping to add crucial income streams for informal waste workers and their families. Through Plastic Neutral contributions, waste workers are paid ethical wages for collecting hard-to-recycle, low-value plastic waste items. Fair pay ensures the effective diversion of plastic waste that would otherwise be landfilled, burned, or flushed into our oceans. Strict verification measures help to ensure that 100% of plastic neutral contributions go towards making a real impact. Spot-checks, detailed reports, and an operational protocol are strictly enforced at waste management facilities to help partners carry out their recycling operations in an ethical way, for maximum impact on the ground.

Why not stop using plastic containers altogether?

Amandean is committed to finding the most sustainable solutions they can for all aspects of production including ingredient source, traceability, testing, and performance. However, keeping premium formulas stable, safe, and effective has meant a reliance on plastic containers. They remain the most durable, light-weight material that guarantees product quality, improved shelf life, and a reduced carbon footprint in transportation as compared to glass or metal. To date, Amandean hasn’t found anything that offers the same quality as what can be provided by using plastic.

What’s next for sustainability at Amandean?

  • More sustainably-sourced, non-GMO, ocean-friendly ingredients with no risk of contamination.
  • Expanding their line of lab-grown & plant-based nutrition as eco-friendly alternatives to animal-sourced ingredients.
  • Moving from Plastic Neutrality to becoming Plastic Negative
  • Sourcing & testing more biodegradable packing options, including refillable containers and easy ways to repurpose & re-use old containers.
  • Actively supporting environmental causes through profit-driven initiatives like planting trees and beach clean-ups.

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Look for the Plastic Neutral badge on all Amandean product labels when you shop for supplements online to know you’re getting the best for your body and the planet.

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