Amandean partners with rePurpose Global to become a Certified Plastic Neutral Brand. Amandean is on a mission to address plastic waste in the wellness industry.
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Amandean is cleaning up ocean-bound plastic waste.

There's plenty of green-washing in today's consumer brands and for smaller companies, the decision to become more sustainable isn't often an easy one. From sourcing the best ingredients on the planet to ensuring products offer the most bioavailable formulas, Amandean is always optimizing our sustainability efforts without compromising nutritional science. In 2020, Amandean was proud to announce that they've partnered with rePurpose Global in order to become a Certified Plastic Neutral Brand.

In partnership with rePurpose Global, Amandean is helping to fund the collection, processing, and reuse of as much ocean-bound plastic waste as is used in their packaging. This means that every Amandean purchase will now carry a Net Zero Plastic Footprint.

When it comes to the ingredients used in Amandean products, there is never any compromise. Each formula is selectively sourced from the best, and most sustainable ingredients available. The quality and purity of ingredients are at the foundation of the brand's success. From Icelandic wild-caught Marine Collagen to Vegan Omega-3 from USA-grown marine algae, the source, traceability, and performance of products come down to a healthy environment.

However, removing plastic from the equation when it comes to packaging remains a big challenge for many wellness brands. Ingredients and premium formulas can be delicate. Storage conditions, such as high or low temperatures, light, or oxygen can compromise their stability & effectiveness. For this reason, plastic has remained the packaging material of choice.

The Way We Do It

Every time you buy an Amandean product, money is donated to plastic reduction efforts. Through the partnership program with rePurpose Global, brands like Amandean are able to support Waste4Change, an Indonesian-based waste management social enterprise that collects and processes hard-to-recycle waste streams. One of the Waste4Change was selected as Amandean's waste reduction partner is their 100% holistic approach to waste management. Their core services include: segregated waste collection from landfills and the ocean, waste management consulting and research, and responsible processing of collected waste, such as in-store recycling, extended producer responsibility, and event waste management.

It’s true that plastic and its disposal has been grossly mismanaged. RePurpose Global and its waste management partners support ethical wages to waste workers for collecting hard-to-recycle, low-value plastic waste items. This way, waste workers get fairly compensated for their important work, while diverting plastic waste that would have otherwise been landfilled, burned, or flushed into our oceans.

Transparency is one of our core values at Amandean. RePurpose Global employs strict verification measures - they conduct unannounced spot-checks, provide detailed reports of their progress, and ensure that their Plastic Neutral Protocol is implemented no matter who they’re working with. This protocol is a set of operational guidelines that help waste management partners carry out their recycling operations in an ethical and efficient manner and ultimately maximize impact on the ground.

Amandean's partnership with rePurpose Global is a critical step in Amandean's sustainability journey. To date, the brand has helped to clean up almost 12,000 lbs of plastic waste.

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