Amandean Offers Platinum Sponsorship for REFIT’s Fitness Summit 2022 Amandean leads the way in supporting female-owned REFIT Fitness Instructors at RECON
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Amandean x REFIT® join forces for the 5th year in a row to help fuel the fitness trainers of today & tomorrow with travel-friendly collagen peptides for performance & recovery.

REFIT® is a group fitness format that, like Amandean, impacts lives from the inside out. Workouts are designed to combine positive music and powerful moves for a dynamic, energy-filled, and participant-centered experience that works to elevate holistic health. Each year REFIT hosts a multi-day fitness instructor convention where 400+ participants come together to experience high-energy fitness classes & instructor tools to help grow their classes. Amandean will donate more than 300 Premium Collagen Peptides packets for the event, which takes place from June 24-26 at Renaissance Hotel in Dallas, Texas.

Since 2017, Amandean has helped to support REFIT’s emerging fitness leaders by making selectively-sourced collagen nutrition accessible for fueling & recovering from vigorous workouts. Like REFIT, Amandean empowers individuals to care for their mind and body regardless of body type, fitness level, or background. Their single-serving, no-clump collagen packets make it simple for instructors to get enough protein in their daily nutrition, especially on days they’re running high-energy workouts and multiple classes.

Collagen protein helps highly active individuals at any age maintain healthy joints & bones, tendons, and cartilage. The bovine collagen packets contain 10g of clean protein to help fuel workouts, build lean muscle, increase flexibility, and recover quicker between workouts.

Following REFIT’s annual event, participants share nutrition tips and creative recipes on how they incorporate collagen into their own training from skin-loving collagen smoothie recipes, to keto-collagen energy bars, and pre-workout hydration.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities with Amandean and their collaboration with REFIT, be sure to follow RECON Sweat Fest 2022 in June. Embrace fitness & nutrition that fits everyone.

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