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Newsfeed dividng line Press Releases from Amandean Natural Products
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  • Amandean’s Net Zero Plastic Footprint is Setting New Benchmarks for Supplement Brands

    Since the first quarter of 2020, Amandean has pledged to become Plastic Neutral by partnering with rePurpose Global. The sustainably-sourced supplement brand is extending its commitment to the planet & customers beyond clean, transparent ingredients and furthering it with its containers and packaging. They’re cleaning up ocean-bound plastic waste 1-product at a time.

    Becoming plastic neutral means that for every ounce of plastic…

    Give Back Initiative
    Apr 06, 2022
  • Amandean Offers Platinum Sponsorship for REFIT’s Fitness Summit 2022

    Amandean x REFIT® join forces for the 5th year in a row to help fuel the fitness trainers of today & tomorrow with travel-friendly collagen peptides for performance & recovery.

    REFIT® is a group fitness format that, like Amandean, impacts lives from the inside out. Workouts are designed to combine positive music and powerful moves for a dynamic, energy-filled, and participant-centered experience that works to elevate holisti…

    May 09, 2022
  • Vitamin D3+K2 Is The Essential 2-in-1 Vegan Powerhouse For 2022

    Vitamin K2 works synergistically with Vitamin D3 in an easy-to-use vegan formula. Combined, D3+K2 can amplify bone health, cardiovascular function, immune strength, muscle function, and mood. These two vitamins are better together and offer a Batman & Robin effect to maximize absorption of calcium in the body and supercharge your immune system.

    Each capsule offers 5000iu of Vitamin D3 (VegD3®) sustainably sourced from algal oil …

    New Launch
    Dec 01, 2021
  • Marine Algae is the new fish oil: Vegan Omega-3s are here to stay

    Move over krill! Now you can get vegan-friendly Omega-3s straight from where fish get theirs; algae. Vegan Omega-3s from lab-grown marine algal oil are poised to be a leader in the plant-based supplement space for consumers demanding vegan varieties of their favorite beauty & health formulas. Moreover, customers wanting cleaner ingredients and ocean-friendly wellness can now enjoy them in these high-bioavailability capsules.

    New Launch
    May 01, 2020
  • Amandean partners with rePurpose Global to become a Certified Plastic Neutral Brand.

    Amandean is cleaning up ocean-bound plastic waste.

    There's plenty of green-washing in today's consumer brands and for smaller companies, the decision to become more sustainable isn't often an easy one. From sourcing the best ingredients on the planet to ensuring products offer the most bioavailable formulas, Amandean is always optimizing our sustainability efforts without compromising nutritional science. In 2020, Ama…

    Give Back Initiative
    Jan 20, 2021