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Date Established 01/2016
Founder Cory Sterling
Headquarters Nevada, USA
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Jocelyn


Amandean formulates premium wellness products, made from the best ingredients on the planet. They help guide your personalized health journey so you can live your best life at any age. Functional solutions for graceful aging, beauty, immune health, mobility, and performance. High bioavailability formulas made from non-GMO ingredients for those who care. Feel and look your best from the inside-out at any age. Become superhuman today.

Founding Story

Amandean is leading a collective shift towards the idea that you should be in charge of your own wellness. When it comes to healthy aging and beauty, too many consumer choices revolve around feelings of guilt, fear, or shame. No need.

While “biohacking” is on the tip of everyone’s tongue these days, Amandean takes the opposite approach: a “hack” is, by definition, a quick fix, a band-aid. Instead, they insist on viewing your health as a long-term investment. Their team prioritizes clean & transparent ingredients, high-bioavailability formulas, and easy-to-use products that fit into your everyday life.

Since the start in 2016, the way they execute everything at their company can be described in just 2 words: “they care.” From their plastic neutral certification to empowering your personal wellness rituals, they make certain you're taken care of; at home, on-the-go, and from the inside-out.

The name Amandean is derived from Amazonian + Andean, and is indicative of how high or low they will search for the finest ingredients.

Team Bios

Cory's Northern California upbringing gave him an early appreciation for holistic healing, farm-to-table dining, and alternative medicine. Cory's background has taken him full circle from the days his mom worked in a homeopathic pharmacy. A degree in Agricultural Economics, consulting for hospitals, and a long career in finance allows him to marry market trends with nutritional science in order to formulate products that are full of ONLY the good stuff, without the crap. A large portion of his life has been spent living and traveling abroad, and that has opened his eyes to ingredients and superfoods that don't always make it from one country to another.

Canadian-born in the rocky mountains, an outdoor lifestyle and an appreciation for nature have always been central to Jocelyn's definition of living well. Jocelyn is responsible for all things visual at Amandean, helping to inspire the customer's journey, from product discovery to education, and community. She loves following zeitgeist wellness trends and working in a close-knit team.




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