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Founder Alvie Faulkenbery IV
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We say Alvies are Designed for Life. And sure, that means that they’re made to last and able to take you on all your adventures. But it also means they’re built with purpose — footwear that stands for something. They were dreamed up in Austin, Texas. By a guy named Alvie.


Cowboys. City girls. Accountants. Surfers. Texans. Techies. Brewmasters. Pitmasters. Mosh-pitters. Sports quiters. Athletes. Mathletes. Bachelorettes. Best men. Ballerinas. People with two left feet. People who still listen to Backstreet. Drummers. DJs. AJs. JJs. Jolenes. Marlenes. Mall Santas. Real Santa. Barkeeps. Baristas. Campers. Ranchers. Outlaws. In-laws. Movers. Shakers. Rodeo clowns. Class clowns. Nomads. Directors. Science-fiction fact checkers. Dog people. Cat people. People people. Librarians. Wanderers. Weirdos. And Dreamers. 

Whoever you are on the inside, you're gonna look great with Alvies on the outside.

Founding Story

Our founder Alvie is a practical man who knows that the feet are the heat regulation center of the body. That’s why he grew up as a flip-flop guy. He wore them to his college graduation. He wore them in every kind of weather. He wore them all around the world.

Alvie’s grandfather was a WWII veteran, a long-time adventurer and a lifelong boot guy. Over the years, he built up a serious collection of beautiful, high quality cowboy boots. When Grandpa Alvie passed away in 2000, Alvie IV inherited his boot collection.

As a long-haired free spirit, Alvie didn’t think he could pull off cowboy boots. He never expected to wear them. Years later, he grabbed a pair for a Halloween costume. They felt and looked amazing, and he was immediately hooked. From that day forward, he was a boot and flip-flop guy.

The idea for selling boots and flops together came to Alvie while partying in Thailand. Which is how most of the great ideas in human history came to be. Alvie believed with a fiery passion that there were a lot of people out there like him that didn’t think they could pull off the style of cowboy boots, and that the combo of boots and flops would be that simple balance that would get people over the hump to try cowboy boots without feeling like it was a style just for cowboys. That the combo would be a simple balance for a life well lived.


The Lamar - Hidalgo Honey
The Lamar - Hidalgo Honey $359.00
The Rainey - Marfa in the 70s
The Rainey - Marfa in the 70s $299.00
The Rio Grande - Snowpocalypse
The Rio Grande - Snowpocalypse $349.03
The 6th St - Vintage Limo
The 6th St - Vintage Limo $699.00
The Perry Lane - Caviar
The Perry Lane - Caviar $399.00
The Manchaca - Glass of Pappy
The Manchaca - Glass of Pappy $399.00
The Comal - Mudflats
The Comal - Mudflats $359.00
Guadalupe - Anejo Nightcap
Guadalupe - Anejo Nightcap $329.00
Trinity - Past Midnight
Trinity - Past Midnight $299.00
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Untitled Product



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