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Date Established 12/2021
Founder Cristina Kown and Christian Gerloff
Headquarters Los Angeles, CA
Beverage, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Cristina Kown


Motivate $42.00
Superboost $42.00
all Phenoms Variety Pack
all Phenoms Variety Pack $42.00
Daily $42.00


all Phenoms was started to make sparkling water phenomenal. Its line of real-nutrition filled sparkling water blends that include everything you need for wellness: vitamins, minerals, adaptogens, nootropics, probiotics, botanicals and organic fruit.

all Phenoms created three targeted nutritional blends with meaningful nutrient levels including Daily for Wellness, Superboost for Immune Heath + Hydration, and Motivate for Clean Energy. Each drink is made non-GMO, vegan, includes organic ingredients, kosher, and with no artificial sugar, flavors, or colors.

all Phenoms believes in helping to reduce its environmental impact and has partnered with 1% For the Planet and use recyclable cans and packing as our first step in those efforts. Available online at, they offer individual 12-pack cases and subscriptions.

Founding Story

In mid 2021, in the midst of Covid and after years of talking about leaving our corporate jobs, the team at all Phenoms decided to set out on their own to start company founded in their passions that helped provide a simple, but effective and enjoyable means for wellness in people's daily lives.

As a former professional athlete and a self-proclaimed health junkie, they had always tried to keep up with the latest health trends to find the best products for their wellness. But they found themselves exhausted by how complicated "being healthy" had become. Keeping up with the latest info and taking all of those pills, powders and foods felt confusing, overwhelming and something no one really wanted to do. And after years of experimenting with the latest trends, they realized that so-called "healthy drinks" didn't pack enough to truly replace daily wellness routines. So they created all Phenoms - a fruit infused functional sparkling water that includes effective levels of key vitamins, minerals, adaptogens, nootropics and probiotics.

Better wellness, simply.

From some past experience in the beverage industry and consumer brands, they knew there were a of ton of sugar, coloring, artifical flavors and junk going into drinks that were sold as good for you.

They wanted something that could actually be helpful in supporting wellness by being as clean as possible, use great ingredients, and have meaningful levels of effective nutrition - not just buzz words on a label.

The team worked with a naturopath and nutritional expert to include the best from today's vitamins, minerals, adaptogens, nootropics, probiotics and botanicals and crafted them into three daily blends for energy, immune health and hydration, and daily wellness. 

And it had to taste great so they used fruit and botanicals infused with purified sparkling water for a clean, refreshing taste.

So, what exactly is a Phenom?

A Phenom is an outstanding up and comer, and that's exactly how they like to think about their drinks and all the ingredients in them. You may not know exactly what they are or what they do yet, but these really are nature's phenoms and they brought them all together in these simple daily drinks.

Team Bios

Christian Gerloff


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Christian Gerloff has over 10 years in beverages, leading sales teams and distributor relationships to drive growth and expansion in the US’ largest regions for several beverage start-ups including Golden Road Brewing, Chihuahua Cerveza, and Five Drinks Co. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Christian holds a BA in Business Adminstration from Point Loma Nazarene University. As a former professional tennis player he was looking for better solutions for his training and saw the lack of transparency, quality and efficacy that existed in today’s beverage market.

Cristina Kown is a brand leader who has helped shape and grow notable consumer brands, properties and products in roles across marketing, partnerships, strategy and business development over nearly two decades. Her work across companies like Sonos, Fender, Quiksilver/DC Shoes, and Wasserman Media has given her deep expertise in strategic brand growth, consumer engagement and authentic brand development. She holds an MBA from USC and a BS from Boston University. A wellness junkie and former athlete, she believes in better, simple health solutions for all. Cristina and Christian met in Sydney, Australia in 2001.


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