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Date Established 02/2022
Founder Cristina Kown and Christian Gerloff
Headquarters Los Angeles
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Cristina Kown


All Phenoms mission is to support the phenomenal in everyone, everyday. The line of delicious functional sparkling waters are crafted to support the whole person with blends of better-for-you ingredients like pre & probiotics, vitamins, mushrooms, adaptogens, nootropics & organic fruits.

Made Phenomenal means elevating the quality standard of functional beverages with clean, organic, vegan, kosher, gluten free ingredients & no citric acid, citrates or ascorbic acids, artificial color, artificial sugars or artificial flavors. All Phenoms is woman/family owned/founded & a 1% For the Planet Partner. 

Founding Story

Amid the whirlwind of the Covid pandemic, Cristina and Christian made a bold decision to ditch the corporate grind and follow their shared passion for beverages and wellness. Christian, the former pro-athlete, and Cristina, the health aficionado, constantly searching for the latest wellness trends and products to enhance their own health journey. They were both avid fans of "functional drinks" but soon realized that the market lacked a drink that ticked all their boxes – taste, quality, and function. As they peered into the often murky world of "health drinks" with their artificial ingredients, sugars, and dubious additives, they couldn't help but think: "We can do better."

Cristina and Christian yearned for something that didn't just taste amazing but also provided holistic ingredients that were clean, organic and beneficial. Thus, the concept of All Phenoms was conceived – a unique lineup of sparkling waters infused with real fruits and botanicals, while packing a punch with modern ingredients to nourish the whole body. Think pre & probiotics, vitamins, minerals, functional mushrooms, adaptogens, and nootropics.

They've set out to elevate the standards of functional beverages, with a commitment to quality. Clean, organic, vegan, kosher, and gluten-free ingredients became the norm for All Phenoms, and artificial preservatives, colors, sugars, and flavors? Not in the playbook. They were determined to let the ingredients shine, so whether you wanted to revitalize your body, support your gut, nourish your mind or simply enjoy a delicious drink, All Phenoms had you covered. It was about getting back to being your best, phenomenal self – whatever that meant for you today.


Daily $42.00
Superboost $42.00
Motivate $42.00
all Phenoms Variety Pack
all Phenoms Variety Pack $42.00

Team Bios

Cristina Kown is an entrepreneur, brand leader and strategist who has helped shape and grow notable consumer brands, properties and products in roles across marketing, partnerships, strategy and business development over nearly two decades. She's the Co-Founder of All Phenoms and Folk & Co, a consultancy in brand and entertainment, Her work across companies like Sonos, Fender, Quiksilver/DC Shoes, and Wasserman Media has given her deep expertise in strategic brand growth, consumer engagement and authentic brand development. She holds an MBA from USC and a BS from Boston University. A wellness junkie and former athlete, she believes in better, simple health solutions for all. Cristina and Christian met in Sydney, Australia in 2001.

Christian Gerloff has over 10 years in beverages, leading sales teams and distributor relationships to drive growth and expansion in the US’ largest regions for several beverage start-ups including Golden Road Brewing, Chihuahua Cerveza, and Five Drinks Co. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Christian holds a BA in Business Adminstration from Point Loma Nazarene University. As a former professional tennis player he was looking for better solutions for his training and saw the lack of transparency, quality and efficacy that existed in today’s beverage market.


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